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Why Sports Bras Are So Popular And Some Of The Best Choices

Many women today are very active and are into a wide array of activities like jogging, high impact aerobics, and other sports and this has created the need for more supportive bras which led to the creation of the sports bras that are so in demand today. Certain styles and designs are better than others for certain activities so you need to decide on the appropriate one for the sports you tend to do more.

The Moving Comfort Grace Bra is designed more for smaller busted women and is also the only one that is made for breast cancer survivors. In addition to being lightweight, comfortable, and soft it features a zip up front which makes it much easier to get on and off. For those who have had breast cancer it has a pocket inside the lining for adding prosthesis.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Hind Motion Sensor Bra which is made for more well endowed women who need much more support. The criss-cross shape provides support while not causing discomfort on one’s shoulders. The fabric is designed for quick evaporation of sweat. This is an excellent choice for larger busted women who need more support while participating in sports activities.

The Core Sports Bra from Reebok is a very attractive and popular bra that is good for just about any body type. It features a high degree of support for any activity and the fabric is very breathable. My wife always wore this bra when teaching aerobics.

The Jogbra from Champion is another great choice for activities that are low impact and features an inner bra for more support and like the Hind is also a very good option for larger breasted women.

One of the better sports bras on the market is the Adidas Response Bra. This one is very durable and able to withstand repeated washings without losing its elasticity. This one is better suited for women who are of small to medium size busts or for larger busted women in low impact activities.

Another great choice for low impact sports like Pilates and yoga is the Hotline from Patagonia. Again, this one of better suited for small or medium busts than those who are larger.

The Microstrap Tank Bra from Nike is one of the types that you see women wearing by itself as a top. This is a very good option for low impact sports and gives you seamless coverage and good support.

For women who are full figured the Instant Shaping Zip Front Sports Bra provides plenty of support and with molded cups doesn’t flatten you out. The zippered front makes it easy to get on and off as well. This is a great choice for any sports activity for any woman.

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