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When to wear Chemise, Garter Belt and Pajamas

When to wear Chemise, Garter Belt and Pajamas?



A Chemise is essentially a nightwear with characteristics similar to babydoll with only difference that they are closer (or tight) fitting than babydolls. Chemise are available in multiple length choices – as short as hip length and as long as floor length. Similar to babydolls , chemise will always be sleeveless and decorated with floral lace , ribbons and bows etc.They make an ideal nightdress , giving a good fit to body with emphasizing bust , rear and thigh and minimizing waist.Chemise are made of silk, shiffon and cotton.

The chemise, like the babydoll, flatters many body types; it can be sized to emphasize your good curves and minimize any you don’t like so much. With a wide range of styles and materials available, you can achieve any look from coy and comfortable to super hot and sensual!

Of course, the chemise is an excellent choice for sleepwear.

These days there are various types of clothing that can be called a chemise, not only lingerie but also regular tops and blouses, and full length dress type garments.

You should wear them essentially as a nightdress however long length chemise can be used as lounge wear or limited usage outdoor dress (within house ).

Garter Belt

l254-04Garter belt

A Garter belt is worn around the waist, and has four or more clips on short straps (which are the actual “garters”) to keep stockings up properly. The clips are attached to the stockings, and prevent them from sliding down, twisting, etc.

So much can be said about garter belts, that I don’t know where to start! Firstly perhaps is that the wearing of a nice garter belt with stockings seems to just supercharge your sense of erotic power and sensuality! Most men find them fantastically erotic; a nice bra/panty/garter belt/stockings set (like the one in the picture) will have you feeling like the queen of the world, and your man in total agreement.

One thing to note is that some garter belts can be just for fun (not intended to really support stockings in normal daily wear) whereas others are designed for actual support of stockings throughout a busy day.

One easy way to tell them apart is that the daily wear garter belts have more garters, at least 3 per leg, often 4. This does a far better job in preventing the stocking from slipping or twisting throughout the day. The lovely garter belt in this photo, is more for fun.

Garter belts of course are color matched to the panties, and stockings. Also, they look best when matched with the total outfit that is being worn; not only in terms of color, but also in style and material.


heart shape symbolic beige pajamasPajamas

A Pajamas  is a loose dress worn in bed. They are also called called a nightie. They are usually about ankle length, and made of materials ranging from cotton to lace, to silk. Often, they are short sleeved or sleeveless.

A very similar item of lingerie called “PJs”, which is a figure of term for a very casual night time sleep wear.

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