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What To Wear at your Wedding Night

My fiancé and I are both virgins, so I really want our wedding night (less than two weeks) to be special. At first, I was thinking I could shop at Victoria’s Secret, but as I start to think about it, I realize that if I get ‘crazy’ lingerie, I probably wont ever wear it again. I am really laid back (I don’t even wear bras because I have a really small chest) and I feel like I would be wasting money on crap that I wont ever wear again. My normal underwear is usually just boy-shorts from Aerie and a tank top with a built in bra. I would rather stay true to myself but I also want my husband to like what I’m in. Any suggestions?

Make it a bit fun and involve your future husband. Tell him to get on the VenCouture’s website and come up with a list of top 10 things he’d like you to wear on your wedding night. Set a few ” rules” for example: must be comfortable, must be something you can wear again , not too ” slutty”

Then you make a final choice from his list and don’t tell him what you’ve chosen, he has to wait till your wedding night to see which one you’ve picked

Oh, and Carmen, there are some really pretty things there 🙂

A6935 (1)
Maybe something like a sheer peignoir, of course in white, where you are both clothed and exposed. Suggest in low light, with a little backlight, so he can see more of the sheerness but less detail of you (more in shadow facing him), which will both emphasize the naughtiness and extend the anticipation before he can see your body better. 🙂

I agree..I ended up getting a cute nightie/teddy that I could wear again..although I think bustiers and lace and all that is hot…I need something I can actually sleep in. I would get something a little different than what you usually wear, but something you could wear again to sleep in…

Here are some examples of my faves that I actually own and are so comfy to sleep in. I use them for everyday, not just special occasion.

A2151-0 (5)

What To Wear at your Wedding Night? What would you wear? Only on your wedding night? Other occasions?

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