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What Does it Take to Make Women Orgasm?

Countless advice exists out there to help make women orgasm, and all of it can be overwhelming at times. An orgasm may be a simple physical reaction, but in order for a woman to achieve one, it requires sensitivity and a willingness to communicate on behalf of both partners. Many women are self-conscious about their body image, so as a partner, you must be conscious of their apprehensions and sensitive to their feelings. Since sex can be intimidating and performance (doing it properly) can be an issue for both parties, you must learn to communicate

Men and women are different

One of the biggest problems between men and women is a lack of understanding that they are fundamentally different. Unlike men, women are not immediately stimulated by sight or touch. They need more time, the right atmosphere, and some romance. Women need to feel desired, and not merely physically. Women need more time engaged in foreplay than men do – and remember, foreplay also involves romancing your lady, flowers, candles, chocolates, etc.

Lights on

Many couples close their eyes when engaged in lovemaking. Some have to tune out their partner in order to have an orgasm. Try keeping your eyes open and leaving the lights on (preferably on dim) so you look into each other’s eyes and soul. For greater intimacy, try undressing one another by candlelight. Find what best suits you and your partner.

Improving body image

Many women feel dissatisfied with their bodies and are self-conscious about their appearance. Consequently, when a woman feels insecure, she is unlikely to be relaxed or in the mood for sex. Make her feel loved and wanted through simple gestures. Tell her how wonderful she looks at an unexpected moment; call her just to tell her how much you appreciate her; and bring her flowers for no reason at all. During foreplay, as you caress her body, tell her that you find her attractive and sexy, that she turns you on, and that you want to enjoy every part of her body before making love to her. These little gestures are so simple and yet are too often neglected.

The right lingerie

Lingerie is a delicate issue. The proper lingerie can make any woman look incredibly sexy; the trick is in choosing what best suits your lady. Take her shopping and let the sales person recommend what best compliments her specific body. Do not surprise her with your idea of fantasy lingerie if you are not positive that it will flatter her curves and that she will love it. The idea is to get both of you excited with the adventure of lingerie shopping.

As a whole, women need to be tenderly caressed and they need to feel wanted in order to reach a satisfying climax. Proper communication eliminates assumptions that you may have made about your lover. To make women orgasm, follow the simple steps, and remember that assumptions can turn out to be completely false. So, talk to each other…it will have an orgasmic effect.

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