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VenCouture Malaysia First Fashion TV Shopping Guide

If you have never purchased items on the Internet using a shopping cart system, here are the steps to follow the VenCouture Malaysia First Fashion TV Shopping Guide to ensure a smooth transaction. Great news, VenCouture is presenting their latest Malaysia First Fashion TV Shopping Experience now!

# As you can see in this video below, you just need to click the feature image to view their product video. Then just click “Add to cart” to order it. And click the title text to read more of their product description.

VenCouture Malaysia First Fashion TV Shopping Guide as below:
1) Use the drop-down list or the category menu to select a category from which you’d like to shop and click the category name. This will take you to all the items listed under that category. You may also search by individual product name or tag.

2) Review their product items via video by clicking the feature image and their product descriptions by clicking the product title. Once you’ve found an item you’d like to purchase, indicate the quantity and simply add it to your shopping cart by clicking on the icon labeled “Add to Cart.”

3) Once you’ve added an item to your cart, the screen will show you the contents of your cart, including the title, quantity and subtotal cost. At this point, you may continue to shop searching by category or product code, cancel the order, or continue to the “Check Out” to complete your purchase. If you’d like to change the quantity or remove some item at this point, you may do so and click on the left side remove icon to remove and edit the quantity number and update your cart after that you will see your new subtotal cost.

4) The first thing you’ll do when checking out is enter your email address. This allows the system to identify you on subsequent purchases so you don’t need to continually re-enter your shipping information. If you are an existing VenCouture member, you must also enter your username and password, so that your member information is assessed.

5) The next two screens below will request that you provide personal, shipment and payment information to complete the transaction. You must provide all of the data required to complete the transaction. Please read all information carefully and check to see that the information you entered is correct. Do remember that your shipping address has to be correct in order for smooth delivery transaction.

6) At the end of this form, select your preferable payment type icon and click “Place order”. You can not use the “Back” button on your browser once you’ve passed the payment transaction page.

7) Your purchase is now complete. Thank you!

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