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Tips on How to Go Down on a Girl – Give Your Girl the Best Oral Sex She's Ever Had

In a moment I will give a couple of tips on how to go down on a girl but first here is why you need to master cunnilingus.

• Cunilingus gives girls better orgasms than intercourse.

• A huge number of women only orgasm through cunniligus (80% in fact).

• A woman who is not satisfied in bed will consider cheating on you.

Quite alarming facts are not they but giving a girl orgasm inducing oral is easy, here are a couple of tips on how to go down on a girl.

1. I have had this battered into my head by my wife so I guess it's important, every time I used to give her oral I got a bit excited and she always used to say "firmly but slowly". So the first tip is that women do not want you to charge in and go on a licking frenzy, they want you to lick their vagina slowly but firmly. Try it because the pleasure you will give to your woman has to be seen to be believed. This technique also makes her trust you down their and this means she will want more and more.

2. The second tips on how to go down on a girl is to vary the cunilingus positions that you use. Just imagine how monotonous it would become if she just lay on her back every time you licked her. Use the old gray matter and spice things up by giving her oral in different positions. Try having her stand up while you kneel or try from behind just use your imagination and this will keep the cunnilingus fresh.

Hope those tips on how to go down on a girl are of some assistance, just remember slow but firm and vary things now and again.

Source by Michael Harradine

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