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Tips For Purchasing the Perfect Lingerie

Lingerie comes in a variety of styles in the market and you always can find the newest designs. However, shopping for the right one is not a piece of cake for many women. You need to keep some important suggestions in mind when you are purchasing your piece.

For women who have small breasts, padded or wired lingerie is a good choice for it will make breasts look bigger. Beside, it is best for women with short legs to choose lingerie with high-cut leg designs to make an illusion of longer legs. If you are a woman with big thighs and chubby bottoms, it is recommended that you opt to lingerie that emphasizes breasts or the upper part of the body.

For women with big stomach, dark-colored intimate apparel should the ideal choice. Of course, women with this body type also need to select lingerie that is made from opaque fabric rather than chiffon or satin. For women with wide shoulders, lingerie designed with wide straps or sleeves will help to make their shoulders look slimmer. If you want to have sexy curves, the style with wide hips and slim waist will create an illusion of curvy body.

Lingerie is also available in many different colors. Then how to choose a color that flatters? A basic rule is to choose dark tones if you are dark-skinned and pastels if you are fair-skinned or blonde. However, women who are dark-skinned also can select decorated colors like deep green, blue and red to brighten up their skin tones.

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