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Tips for Buying and Choosing the Perfect Bridal Lingerie

Tips for Buying and Choosing the Perfect Bridal Lingerie? Wedding underwear is not really a topic you see covered extensively in blogs, and here on MYD we’ve actually never talked about it before. But it’s an important thing to consider, in fact well-fitted lingerie is essential to give you a great shape and really show off your wedding dress.

It is sometimes overlooked with all the focus on the wedding dress, but for many years to come, your lingerie will still remind you of this special time together. So when the lovely ladies from VenCouture offered their insight on the subject, I was more than happy to let them share some tips:

How do I choose the right style?
You want to focus on what part of your body you feel is your best asset and emphasize it. There are so many styles out there, selecting one can be overwhelming! Choose something that you feel comfortable in that is so very important. You must feel comfortable with your body to feel good about yourself. A rule of thumb is that empire waist compliments every figure you can find this in most “baby doll” styles

Tip: The shock factor! If you are usually very reserved, go for something a bit risky, but still tasteful and comfortable. If you are usually a risqué gal, go for a long sophisticated cut that is super sexy, yet leaves a bit to the imagination.

What color should I choose?
Choosing the color is totally up to you, but I suggest avoiding the traditional (and kind of boring!) whites and ivories. Again, this is the tradition, but you want that shock factor. Go for red, hot pinks, black, midnight blues, or even animal print! The shock factor–that is what you want, ladies!

What about plus size lingerie?
Keep in mind that at most online lingerie shops, you can find both regular and plus sizes. For flattering plus-size lingerie, Always for Me was recommended and praised by Oprah herself, and offers great advice! So, if you are not a size two (as most of us aren’t!), don’t worry. Your new spouse already loves your body, and will certainly enjoy it accented by sexy silk, lace, and satin.

When do I put on my wedding night lingerie?
There is no one right answer to this. You can certainly wear it under your dress, but my advice is to take a moment, head to a private changing place, like the bathroom, slip into the ensemble, fluff your hair, and make a grand entrance. Patience pays off, and he or she will certainly never forget it!

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