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Things That Men Want From Wedding Night Sex

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Things That Men Want From Wedding Night Sex? Believe it or not, many newlyweds don’t seal the deal on the wedding night. This isn’t due to a lazy libido, but rather exhaustion after a full day of smiling for photos, glad-handing your guests and chicken dancing your rear off. The temptation to crash after the reception is going to be strong, especially if you’ve already had sex with your partner prior to the wedding. However, I urge you to pull it together and focus on the amazing possibilities that wedding night sex has to offer. You’ve got the honeymoon and the rest of your lives to catch up on rest. You (hopefully) only get one crack at the wedding night. So make it count.

I recently read Charli Penn’s post on what women really want from wedding night sex. To provide the other half of the picture, here’s my list of what men want from the wedding night. Brides, take note…

Cutting Right to the Action
Forget the after party trend. Your friends and family will do just fine keeping the party going on their own. He wants to be alone with you, starting with the ride back to the hotel.

That Look in Your Eyes
If he’s on his A-game, he’s going to set the mood with champagne, rose petals and some sexy music. His goal: seeing that look in your eyes that tells him you can’t resist him. Don’t worry, it’ll come naturally.

The only thing men love more than lingerie is watching a woman take off lingerie. And the more exotic, the better. Whether it’s something you were given as a bridal shower gift or something new you picked up just for the occasion, surprise him with a show.

Don’t stop at lingerie. Contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, guys do pay attention to your heels, jewelry and nail polish. We love how you look wearing these accessories… and only these accessories.

Don’t assume he wants to jump right into the action. The perfect way to rev up his engine is to tease him, talk dirty to him and push him to the point of no return.

If you’ve already been having sex, he might feel that he’s seen all of your tricks. Surprise him with a “what was that?” moment to let him know the rest of your lives in the bedroom are going to be even more exciting than he could imagine. Bonus: You’ll likely inspire him to try some new moves of his own.

A Moment to Take it All In
After the ride (or rides) are over, take a moment to reflect on the day with him. This is the beginning of the rest of your lives. Tell him how special the day was and have one last toast to the start of something beautiful.

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