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Things to Consider for your Bodystocking

I’m going to give you a basic guide for sorting through the uglies. If you’re a man, it may be in your best interest to keep reading – bodystockings are very inexpensive gifts and are, essentially, one size fits all. Which means, if you get a classic style, she will probbaly love it. Unfortunately, most of the pictoral examples I’d like to share with you aren’t really suitable for all viewers, so I’ll leave you to google “bodystockings” if you’d like to see the really hot stuff.

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Things to Consider for your Bodystocking:
# Color:
You cannot go wrong with black. Red, maybe. MAYBE. But only if you’re a bona fide sex kitten and have the body to match. White, eh, ok. You can probably pull this off, but remember white makes you look larger.

# Intact vs Crotchless:
I’m sure we can all see the merits in the crotchless variety – but I can’t say I find the style sexy. If you want to let it all hang out, go for it. Most women tend to feel uncomfortable with that, so they wear a pair of panties under it. Let me tell you, it’s not so easy to find a pair of panties that really look sexy under a bodystocking.

# Peekaboo:
This is just stupidly unsexy and makes me wrinkle my nose every time I see women modeling this. Peekaboo breasts are silly. Do you want your man thinking you’re sexy, or silly?

# Full and ¾ Sleeved:
These are my personal favorite, only because I feel most comfortable in them. I like the occasional sleeveless, but its rare I find something of that nature appealing. Just make sure they don’t fit you like a gym leotard, you don’t want it too tight against your wrist and ankles, or you’ll look a bit strange.

# Sleeveless:
These look best when the lines are simple. Don’t go for something with 50 crisscrossing straps, that will just be ridiculous. You want his attention drawn to your breasts, not the straps holding them up.

# Open back vs Closed back:
Unless you really don’t like idea of having your back exposed, I’d recommend open backed. Women don’t always realize the appeal this area can have for men. If he’s kissing you and puts his arms around you, it’s far more sexy for him if his hands come in contact with your skin, as opposed to just the material covering it.

# Patterns:
Some patterns, as you often see in the lace and fishnet styles, can be very distracting. They can also be unflattering. I’ve seen a few that make me feel like I’m looking at an M.C. Escher piece. Do you really want to give your man a headache as you’re climbing into bed? Choose your pattern carefully!

# Cost:
Bodystockings tend to be cheap. You can get them for 10-20 bucks a lot of the time. No doubt the sexpots have already sussed why… if the event was worth remembering, the bodystocking was probably ripped off. Which makes the price very convenient! I recommend buying several, just in case.

# My brand recommendation: VenCouture – they are inexpensive and have the best selection I have seen. So there you go, Isabella’s guide to bodystockings. I truly believe most women can pull these off if they put a little effort into selecting them. Now, go get sexy, ladies!

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