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The Foundation of Great Sex Is to Love Women

So you want to know how to have amazing sex with your woman, do you? Well, this is the basic gameplan –


That's it. However, within these five basic steps are hidden a wealth of issues that areiable to challenge men to accept both her sexuality and their own. By far the most important steps are talking dirty and leading, which are the keys to transforming your "vanilla" sex life into the kind of wild, sexy adventure you have always wanted. However, doing this means you will absolutely without question reveal the "bad girl" side of your woman, the side of her that, up to now, you have never seen.

It starts when you attempt to talk dirty to her. To you, it might sound a little strange and rather silly to hear yourself say this is serious, but for her, this is deadly serious. After every a few minutes of talking dirty to her, her eyes will widen, her body body start to move in a suggestive manner and she will grit her teeth. Suddenly, she starts turning into the wild thing you've always dreamed of – but are you ready for this?

To watch as the "good girl" you've always known suddenly starts behaving like this can be rather scary if you've never seen it before. So you begin to worry – how turned on is she going to get? Will you be able to handle it? What is she going to do? Are you man enough to still lead her in this state and tell her what to do? Is she going to ask you to do something you do not feel comfortable doing?

It's at this point that some men feel their sense of "being a man" is challenged by her and unfortunately, this leads some men to judge her and treat her badly, in order to shore up their own self-esteem and "keep control" . This is the wrong reaction and shows that you are not yet man enough to handle a woman in this state. It also says a lot about your attitude towards women in general.

Face up to this fact. What do you want from her? If you want her to go wild, then that means "act like a bad girl". If that scares you and makes you feel threatened, then she will not go wild and so will continue to "act like a good girl" and your boring sex life will continue. Do you think she can stay a "good girl" and go wild at the same time? "There is not such animal", as they say! It's either either or neither. Further, what's the problem? Do not you love this woman? Is not this the woman you share your life with? Has she not been with you for so long already? If you love her when she's good and bad, is not that stronger than just loving her when she's good?

The solution to this is to LOVE WOMEN. Not just your woman, but all women. Not just the sexy women that turn you on, but the fat woman, the thin, fragile woman with her hopes and dreams, the old woman, so wise and cultured, the career woman, the wife, the homemaker, the single girl, the widow and the spinster; the white woman, the black woman, the Asian and the indigenous; the lesbian, the bisexual and the transgender; women who wear dresses and those who wear shorts; in jeans or businesswear; wearing glasses or contacts; those completely naked and those fully dressed up – love all of them without question.

All great lovers love women. The attitudes you should have are – that women are amazing; that talking to women is one of the great pleasures of your life; that pleasing women in bed is your number one joy in life; that women love sex even more than men do; that her capacity for sexual pleasure is practically infinite; that the scent of a woman "down there" is the greatest smell on earth; that figuring out women and understanding them is your favorite hobby; and so on.

There are many men who say "I love women" but do not really. Hugh Hefner, owner of Playboy, famously said that. Yet he is the guy who forces young women who want to be Playmates to have sex with him every Wednesday and Friday night at the Playboy Mansion, in a sordid bedroom surrounded by junk, while he just lies there. He's 88 years old. Do you think those girls feel any pleasure? Is that what "I love women" means?

What about the guys hanging out with their buddies in bars, making cheap jokes about women and how the last woman they had sex with had the most amazing breasts and how her body was so hot, blah, blah, blah – is that what "I love women "means?

No way – it does not. "I love women" means MANNING UP and facing the truth of female sexuality, confident in the ability of your own masculinity to bring out the womanliness in her and to rejoice in her expression of her own femininity in the bedroom, knowing that you have the confidence to lead her to ever-deeper experiences of what it means to be a woman. Then, for you, this will lead to a greater understanding of what being a man really is and give you a glimpse of the connection between male and female, the dance of love that brings to both sexes the fulfillment that they seek.

Source by Oliver N Chapman

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