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The Best Position to Make a Woman Orgasm – 4 Positions You Can Try to Give Her Absolute Pleasure

Do you want a steamy relationship that goes far beyond just a romantic candlelight dinner and sexy lingerie? You can try out test and proven methods and best position to make a woman orgasm.

Standing from Behind

This originates from a popular “doggy-style” position and has certain elements similar to this. The woman on the “doggy-style” position is on her knees as you enter her from behind however you do this in a standing position. You will be exerting more pressure on her G-spot for better stimulation and eventually make her orgasm.

On the Stool

A prop for this position is a tall kitchen stool where you let your woman sit on it. This is the best position to make a woman orgasm where you stimulate her clitoris and G-spot more as well as allowing deep penetration. This position triggers uterine orgasms easily.

Oral and Finger

Most women achieve orgasm easily through oral sex and finger stimulation rather than plain routine of intercourse. You could do this on your woman if she is game to it and she has no objections with this position. While giving her oral sex, you can use your finger to stimulate her clitoris.

Modified Missionary

Let your woman lie on her back as you place her legs on each of your shoulders. This position can stimulate well her clitoris and help her reach her orgasm. This is also a position that is best in practicing the G-spot orgasm.

In whatever position you try, communication is still important. It is important for women to get their G-spots aroused first before you enter to have desirable effects.

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