Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Plus Size Leather and the Timid Flower

Lingerie, what does that mean to you?

Do you think of white cotton bras and full briefs, or perhaps a frilly baby doll or, if you’re really daring, maybe you could imagine yourself in an elegant corset.

Oh girl, it’s time for you to spread your wings and get out of those cotton briefs! Leather lingerie is the ultimate in sex appeal. You feel confident, energized and you become an irresistible magnet.

Ok, so maybe the metal-studded, crotchless, cupless leather corset is just a little too much for a first step. I can understand that. So, start small and inevitably you will find yourself becoming more daring and never looking back.

1st step – take stock of what lingerie you already have – I mean sexy lingerie – not your nylon nightgown or sturdy bra. What have you got in the way of thongs – a real must for any wardrobe – sexy, yes, but functional too.

Functional you say?

How can lingerie be functional other than creating the desired passion in your partner (not to forget the positive effect it has on you)? Thongs, as mentioned, are a must to stop the dreaded panty line from being the first thing that is noticed about your outfit. Corsets and teddies can be worn so they actually show in public!

Oh yes, it true.

A corset can look stunning with the right skirt or pants for clubbing or an evening out or under a jacket for a more subtly seductive effect. Leather corsets or teddies can be worn like this casually, for more dressy occasions or even to the office. But more on the functionality of lingerie another time.

Now back to leather

You can’t distract me from my topic that easily. You were taking stock of your current lingerie. Hopefully, it includes these basic sexy items – thongs, garters and stockings, a baby doll to suit your personal taste, and beautiful bras of various styles. You can start your leather collection by adding a slinky leather garter belt and some sexy stockings. Can you imagine what you would feel like walking into the office wearing a leather garter belt and stockings? I am making the assumption (and I could be wrong) that you are the only one who knows what you’ve got snugly wrapped around your hips – that’s what can give you such a feeling of confidence and allure. An even better plan is to let your lover know that you are wearing this outfit – maybe even give him/her a little flash and let them think about it all day…

It’s time to quit being a timid flower and fully open to experience the beauty, allure and confidence that is a natural part of you.

Source by Pamela Rathlou

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