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Sexy Adult Parties Costumes

Sexy Adult Parties Costumes. Just about any character or idea can be translated into a fun and fantastical costume for the one night of the year you are allowed to leave the bedroom decked out in an outrageous costumes.

Pirates and Sailors: Whether you wish to look like a dirty pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean or a sexy pin up sailor, we have the costumes for you. Flounced skirts and corsets, swords and a floppy hat make up our Sexy Pirate Costume, you just need to add a pair of fence net stockings and boots and you will feel like you own the high seas. The Striped Sailor or Shipmate Cutie costumes have the retro feel of a pin up sailor girl. Add a simple pair of opaque thigh high’s and a pair of heels and you will be one sizzling swashbuckler! If your not interested in ruling the high seas perhaps leading the sailors and pirates to their sweet doom as a Siren or Mermaid with shimmering tails and sexy tops is the way to spend your evening.

nurse-1 (2)
Naughty Nurses: Time to take his temperature but watch out it will be soaring sky high with you in one of these outfits. Whether out for a party or just having a sexy night in our Nurse Costumes will heat up the room. The Naughty Night Nurse is a sleek and sexy dress but underneath is where the fun lies, with an added red cross bra that just covers your nipples and crotchless panties he’ll be antsy to get you home. The Darque Nurse takes naughty to a new level with a sexy pouffy skirt and boning at the waist. The deep v-neckline and crotchless panties with nipple pasties complete this outfit. If you wishing to go more traditional the Naughty Nurse Costume, Vinyl Nurse, Head Nurse, Day Nurse are all hot choices. In any of these sexy costumes you will have a line up of patients all night long.

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French Maids: Be a little frisky this Halloween in a sexy French Maid outfit. The Chamber Maid is demure yet sexy with its deep v-neckline and short frilly skirt. Add a pleasure feather to the outfit and you can tease and please your partners body after ‘you’ve ready the chamber’. If you wish to show a little more skin the Upstairs Maid Costume reveals your sexy belly, with the short black skirt and frilly crinoline and tiny zip up crop top to conceal and reveal the rest of you. Underneath this sexy outfit is a quarter cup bra, garter belt, stockings and thong. Everything you could possibly need to take him upstairs for a fun night in.

C33 (7)
School Girls and Cheer Leaders. Every fantasy has to have a sexy school girl at some time or another. So go ahead and feel naughty by going out this Halloween as a Sexy Private School Girl in a short halter top and tie with mini pleated skirt and knee highs or the Sexy School Girl with a tie front collar top and plaid mini skirt with pin and knee highs. Take your Naughty Ruler along and give the “bad boys” a smack for staring. After school, slip on your cheerleader outfit. The Sexy Cheerleader Costume complete with pom poms will surely get you in the mood to cheer on your favorite team. It comes with a short pleated mini skirt and halter top to flatter all shapes and two red pom poms. So go out and shake your pom poms and spread the school spirit.

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