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Sexual Foreplay – What it is and How to Do It

If you've ever been intimate with someone, you know that getting right down to business is not always pleasurable. You will spend time arousing your partner in the moments prior to sexual intercourse in order to get the most out of the experience. This is called sexual foreplay and it can start with something as subtle as whispering into your partner's ear and eventually lead to a physical act such as fellatio.

How it Works

The purpose of sexual foreplay is largely psychological. Its function is to lower one's inhibitions so that they feel comfortable with the other person. Its physical function is for the man to get an erection and for the woman to become aroused so that her vagina becomes lubricated enough for comfortable sexual intercourse.

Getting Started

When you are attracted to someone or are with your partner intimately for the first time, you may spend some time prior to any physical contact having intimate conversations and making prolonged eye contact. These non-physical acts are considered the early stages.

Other non-physical acts include making sexual compliments and comments. Subtle physical acts of sexual foreplay include winking and licking the lips. Even the environment one chooses to take another person could be considered an act of subtle sexual foreplay. For example, if someone takes their partner to a dimly candle-lit room with romantic music playing in the background, that can be considered foreplay.

The Progression of Foreplay

After the subtle acts of sexual foreplay come physical acts like holding hands, massage, caressing, and hugging. Kissing is an important stage in sexual foreplay.

French kissing, or deep tongue kissing, eventually leads to groping, dry humping, and the removal of clothing. Directly stimulating the genital organs after getting undressed is also considered foreplay, as is oral sex. The climax is the moment preceding actual intercourse, when both people are fully aroused and desire penetration.

Many people mistakenly believe that sexual foreplay is reserved for the pleasure of women. Women are supposed to take longer to become aroused than men, according to popular belief. Scientific study has actually led to the conclusion that it takes both men and women around 10 minutes to become sexually aroused and that sexual foreplay is beneficial for both sexes.

In order to make the most out of foreplay, a couple should explore what feels good for the other partner and experiment. Doing the same things all the time and rushing to penetration is limiting and boring. You can introduce objects like ice, feathers, toys, handcuffs, or anything else you fancy. The best thing to do is to take it slow, making even the act of removing clothing sensual and erotic. Teasing and playful sexual denial makes for more arousing sexual foreplay.

So there you have it. Your sexual escapades don't have to consist of the same old, same old routine of kissing, undressing, and having intercourse. Why not play around a little bit with your partner by whispering sensual comments into their ear or giving them a massage? Rather than limiting your vision of sex, expand it by exploring different sexual foreplay techniques. Not only will you be more stimulated, your partner will receive more pleasure as well.

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