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Sex Tips – Desire, Foreplay, Technique, Endurance – 4 Sex Tips to Supercharge Your Love Making

Great Sex is like a raging inferno of passion, but how do you take that spark of desire & turn it into that sexual inferno?

4 Sex Tips that will turn your love life around!

Everyone wants to hear from their partner that they are the best in bed, but now you can be, by learning the simple sexual fundamentals of Desire, Foreplay, Technique & Endurance.


Great Sex begins with desire, but what creates desire?

Desire or more to the point lack of desire can be influenced by many contributing factors.

However healthy individuals will have natural sexual urges so it is more important to recognize when someone is sexually interested in you.

Body Language

Quite simply body language will tell you if a person is open to your advances. If you are already in a relationship then it will be attentiveness & posture, you are just not going to have great sex if your partner is not paying you any attention & is sitting with their arms folded or turns away.

However if a person holds eye contact for longer than a second, mirrors your movements, or responds openly when you invade their space then desire has been established.

There are many, reasons a woman may find one man desirable & another not, even her own man, to start clean, groomed & pleasant smelling helps allot.

Not every man can make the most handsome list but personality, Wit & charm can be just as powerful. Whatever your relationship or situation if the spark is there then eye contact lasts longer, & personal space barriers are dropped allowing body contact.

Tip: Try catching someones eye, smile & hold their gaze for over 1 second, if they return the smile or look back & smile – Introduce yourself.


Don’t assume that because you already have a relationship that you can skip to third base. Just because you are “In the Mood” doesn’t mean your partner is.

Once desire is established consenting partners will naturally progress into foreplay without even knowing it. Foreplay is not just restricted to the bedroom, it may be just as simple as stroking an arm, hugging or kissing although only moderately sexual in nature these actions have a hormonal reaction dropping inhibitions & preparing the couple for more intimate contact.

First & foremost, to have great sex both partners need to be sexually aroused this may happen through raging hormones & excessive desire, but you need to be aware of your partners readiness.

Tip: Nothing will turn off desire faster than an inconsiderate partner, foreplay may not always be necessary or desired but when it is it should be taken slowly. Don’t go straight for the genitals, when your partner is ready for more intimate contact they will open their legs when you stroke their stomach & thighs.

Sexual Technique

Good technique starts with foreplay if you commence sex before your partner is fully aroused they simply won’t enjoy it as much as as if they were fully aroused. This is quite often the case with married couples & the resulting fallout can be infidelity & divorce. Sex for the point of sex is not fully satisfying for either partner & will eventually lead to problems.

When the time comes for actual intercourse take it slow & steady to start, after initial insertion rest a second or two for both parties to become accustomed to the pleasant & filling sensations then slowly withdraw & reinsert again. The sensation for both of you is far greater is more enjoyable if you appreciate & savor the act of making love rather than bang bang bang & done. As both of you become further aroused you can pick up the Pace but be aware a fast pace will quickly put an end to the enjoyment.

Tip: Always start slow so both of you can really appreciate the feelings, remember sex is not a race after penetration try continuing foreplay while coupled.

Sexual Endurance

Ejaculation control is essential if you wish to provide full satisfaction to your partner, as a woman encouraging your partner to go harder & faster or playing with his testicles during sex is like shaking the champagne, the cork will pop. As a male knowing when your climax is imminent is critical if you wish to control it, as you feel your climax building slow the pace or withdraw & change position until you feel it subside, then slowly resume your lovemaking.

Tip: To alleviate immediate ejaculation pressures alternate intercourse with oral sex this will give you time to recover but continue to give your partner satisfaction.

Source by Virginia Davison

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