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Sex Stud Method – How to Make Your Girl Climax in Less Than 60 Seconds

Many guys tend to underestimate the great importance in a sex life of being able to fully satisfy their women. A disturbingly high amount of guys don't even think it's possible to make the women climax but the fact is that they just don't know how or are not paying enough attention.

Women find for play extremely enjoyable and important during sex and it is often more pleasurable than the actual penetration itself. To be able to please your woman, you need to be familiar with how to prepare her in the first place. Once you know what you're doing, you will find that you climaxes every time and faster each time too. Read on to discover the three tips to make her orgasm super quickly …

Sex Stud Method – How To Make Your Girl Climax In Less Than 60 Seconds

Tip # 1: Women love anticipation when it comes to their sexuality so make sure you don't kill the moment by rushing it. You should build her up steadily but slowly and make sure you keep in line with her pace. You need to give or an idea of ​​what she's in store for while teasing her in the process. Talking to her dirty is one of the best ways to achieve this and in the initial stages, you should avoid actually coming into physical contact with her.

Tip # 2: Virtually all women enjoy oral sex so don't be afraid of giving it to her because she is sure to love it. If you can simulate or with your tongue, and do it in the right way, you will find her climaxing in no time. However, make sure that you don't go straight for the clitoris and make sure she is ready since this is an especially sensitive area.

Tip # 3: You also need to consider the emotional factors involved. Women generally can't enjoy sex in the same way that men can without being emotionally involved. If you can hack into her mind on an emotional level, then she will feel much more relaxed and thus much more likely to climax.

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