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Seduction Tips

There are many seduction techniques and each technique has its own position and place when the art of seduction is practiced. Seduction techniques are usually used when there is sexual attraction between two individuals and every type of seduction technique can be used based on the situation.

The most common seduction technique is body language. Although you might laugh at this but the fact remains that most of our communication is by way of non-verbal communication. In order to be able to seduce someone you have to ooze confidence through your body language. Confidence can be shown by making eye contact, have an erect posture and taking command of the situation.

Another powerful seduction method is the method of touch. This is used most frequently by people where you end up touching, or caressing the person you want to seduce. You usually practice this seduction technique when you gently or lightly touch the other person's hand, shoulders or forearm. You can also very gently put your arm around the person's shoulder to stake your claim while letting the person know you are definitely interested in taking this to the next level. However, touching has to be natural and it has to spontaneous. Do look at the area you are touching. Just touch and sit back and wait for things to happen.

Many people use smiles, jokes and winks as seduction techniques. You should practice all the techniques because each technique will come handy at one time or the other. Seduction is truly an art form and the more you practice the better you will get. Seduction is exciting and you should display a calm exterior while using your seduction techniques. Do not let the other person know that you are nervous about it.

There is no doubt that seduction techniques work and you will see for yourself how the techniques take you to the next level in your relationships with the opposite gender.

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