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Plus Size Lingerie Fashion Shopping Guide

Larger women are no longer an unsung heroin fashion. Designers and manufacturers have finally begun to recognize that 50 percent of women in the world are large in size or size L and over, and department stores have also become aware of this important market.

Every woman is different, but there are some things that plus size women should consider when shopping for new clothes. When it comes to shopping for your plus size body we know that it can be quite challenging, and, depending on where you live, can be almost impossible. Ten years ago there were very few plus size designers and even fewer who were actually designing clothes that made you feel confident, stylish, and sexy. Since then, there have been a number of plus size designers and brands that have emerged.

Retailers are finally meeting new needs as plus size women and girls demand clothing that enhances not only hides their beautiful bodies. Modern designers have realized the benefits of making beautiful plus size clothing in a variety of styles, fabrics and colors. With the increasing acceptance of full figured women, the plus size clothing market is a growing one. Most plus size clothes vary in sizes ranging from Size L to Size XL and some will go from Size 2XL to Size 6XL.

Today there are plus size clothes to fit every occasion and need. Plus size clothes now carry open busted tops to show curves and cleavage, many of the clothes come off the shoulder or are cut high on the leg. Plus size women are all around, and demanding to look good and also sexy.

So MLD put together 6 great Plus Size Lingerie Fashion Shopping Guide for a better you!

1) Know Your Measurements

Online shopping can be hassle free because most of them provide sizing chart. That’s when a sizing chart comes in handy. You should purchase a measuring tape and measure your waist, hips, thighs, and chest then match your measurements up against the company’s sizing chart. This will help you determine if you need to go a size up or down.

2) Try Things On

You never know how something will look unless you try it on. It’s easy to just look at something and say it’s not going to work for your body. How can you honestly know that if you haven’t tried it on?

3) Forget all rules

When it comes to fashion and shopping for your plus size body, you have to forget the old outdated fashion rules. Yes, plus size women can wear horizontal stripes. Yes , plus size women can wear bright colors beyond a scarf. Yes, plus size women can wear shorts. It’s all about finding the right cut and comfortable style for your body.

4) Lingerie

Look for pretty, feminine nightgowns and sexy robes for nightwear, and lacy camisoles and bras for evening. Pretty lingerie is available in department stores catering to larger women as well as from online shopping outlets. There are hundreds of online stores selling great lingerie for plus size women. Size should be no barrier to feeling sexy!

5) Accessories

Turn an ordinary black sexy lingerie or sleepwear into something special with a pretty stocking or panty. Look for color and texture to coordinate with wardrobe favorites. Color draws the eye and can detract from other areas. Stockings doesn’t have to be expensive to be impressive, and bra set can be just as much fun to wear. Look for fun bra and pantyhose.

6) Don’t wait to lose weight to look great

At the end of the day, whether your are happy with your body or trying to lose weight, you owe it to yourself to look and be your best no matter your size. Having great style has nothing to do with your size. It’s all about knowing your body and knowing what works for it. You don’t have to wait to lose those extra 10 pounds to wear a sexy dress.

In conclusion, it’s all about finding the right cut and comfortable style for your body. Remember, size should NOT be a barrier to feeling sexy!

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