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Plus Size Lingerie

Lingerie is the innermost garment of women, worn by almost all. Thus, lingerie is made for women of all sizes and shapes. Lots of women tend to become overweight and hefty, as they grow older. About 40% of American women wear a size 14 or larger lingerie. This size lingerie, which usually runs from size 14 to size 40, is generally referred to as plus size. Sometimes these sizes are labeled as extra large, 1-X and up, rather than in numbers. There are special lingerie stores just for plus size women. Even though the sizes are larger than normal, they offer fashionable styles and quality and are as great looking and sensual as normal sizes.

Plus size lingerie was not available for many years and woman had to make do with normal and dull underwear. Today, designers and manufacturers are creating attractive, delicate and comfortable lingerie for these special sizes. Plus size lingerie is available for plus size women in an abundant choice of styles, colors and fabrics. Plus size lingerie is offered in leather, silk, satin and other fabrics in panties, bras, shirts, thongs, g-strings, stockings, corsets and nighties. They are even designed to make women look slimmer.

It is very important to select the proper size when purchasing plus size lingerie. The best option is to try them on before buying. You can feel if the fitting is comfortable or not and avoid going back and forth to return or exchange the garment. If you are unsure of your size, measure your hips, thighs and bust and then consult with a plus size lingerie retailer. When ordering online, one needs to be more certain of the size. From wherever you buy, do check the terms and conditions of exchange and return, before placing your order.

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