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Play Between the Sheets With Our Sex Tips

Sometimes sex can get stagnant and uninteresting. Especially when two people get very accustomed to what makes the other feel good, sex can become downright systematic – a series of algorithmic rituals designed for maximum efficiency of skill-boring! But with these new sex tips you can start playing between the sheets.

Reverse Gender Roles in Bed

You may have heard the term "pillow princess" to refer to a girl who remains relatively stipitary in bed as her partner does all of the pleasuring for her. Have you considered that maybe you've been too much of a pillow princess? Sometimes this attitude on the part of the female is a manifestation of the culturally-instilled norm in which all erotic effort is expected to come from the man, and sometimes it's from shyness. But if you're with someone you like, there's no reason to be shy. Break rules-especially rules that appear so ubiquitous that they are often forgotten about!

If you're straight, consider what it's like to be a lesbian: frequently both partners act simultanously as the "lover" and the "beloved," or else take turns depending on the mood of the moment; and also consider that men frequently have the same erogenous zones as women. If your male partner does not say much about it, that does not mean he would not appreciate the extra attention to, say, his nipples, neck, fingers, and eyelids. Basically, if it feels nice to you, find out if it feels nice for somebody else. There are some sex tips for pleasuring women that may well apply to the opposite sex, but the only way to find out is to try.

Stop always being "the girl" and give someone else a turn! Female dominance is hot.

Film Yourself

If you're particularly shy, this activity might make you cringe. But if you get a kick out of voyeurism, it might turn you on something massive. Just think of it as your own, personalized spicy movie, which you can use during periods of prolonged absence think college vacations or excursions abroad. Or it may be that you and your partner would enjoy watching it while making your next tape.

You can also try consummating your love in front of a mirror if you do not like committing your intimate actions to media. The benefit of using a mirror is that you can take a peek at it whenever you feel so-inclined, and then look away at your discretion. Little peeks and glimpses of what you and your partner might look like to an outsider might send you ripples of excitement. You may realize you two are far hotter than you'd previously considered.

Kiss Everywhere Except The Mouth

You may have heard of this one before. It can be tantalizing not to be able to kiss your loved one on the mouth. If you're more artistically-inclined, you might have paint or body crayons you can use to mark already-kissed areas, or you might have lipstick. Set a time-limit for yourself. If you are not against childish games or covering yourself in graffiti, this is a mighty fun activity.

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