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Personal Sexy Lingerie Style

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VenCouture is Your partner in personal sexy lingerie style.
Clothing and accessories hand-selected by a personal sexy lingerie stylist, delivered it to your door.

For busy women on the go, VenCouture is the personal sexy lingerie styling service tailored to your taste, budget and lifestyle that helps you look and feel your best every day.

How it works
* Step No 1.
Get started with a personal sexy lingerie style quiz.
Create a style profile so your personal sexy lingerie stylist can get to know you.

* Step No 2.
Receive a personalized sexy pieces, delivered to your door.
Try on and discover styles hand-picked to fit you, your budget and your style.

Benefit of a VenCouture Personal Shopper
* Save money.
* Personalized Selections.
* Discover what you look and feel great in with the help of your personal sexy lingerie stylist.
* It Gets Better Every Time
* Your feedback helps your sexy lingerie stylist select items you will love.
* Delivered On Your Schedule
* Opt to receive packages regularly or at your convenience.
* No Pressure
* The styling fee is RM25, which you can use toward your order.
* Priced for your budget
* Our personal sexy lingerie shoppers select pieces customized to your spending preferences.
* Each shipment is unique and hand-picked for you by your personal sexy lingerie stylist.
* Sexy Lingerie Ideas

Need sizing help?
VenCouture carry sizes S–4XL.

What Are you Waiting For?
Topup minimum RM25 and starts now!

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