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Oral Sex Techniques That Will Tease Her, Please Her and Drive Her Up the Wall! (Sex Games to Help)

If you love to give your woman oral sex and she loves it too…and she wants the ultimate…check out these amazing, seductive techniques. These 4 techniques will absolutely, positively drive her up the wall!

1st Technique. How to get her orally prepared.

One of my friends told me about a little oral sex game they played. They had met on the internet, talked on the phone, and agreed to meet.

They agreed that their first touch would not be a hug. It would not be a kiss. It would be him licking her clitoris. The planning of this took only an hour but for several days the sexual tension that it built up was tremendous.

You could do something similar.

2nd Technique. Try this, she’ll like it!

When you meet her make her beg you to give her oral sex. Start with kissing her neck and lips.

When she begs you to go down to her breasts, take your time. Tease her a lot. Make her squirm.

Don’t touch her between her legs until she either begs you to do it or puts your hand there.

3rd Technique. Blow her mind!

When she indicates it is time to touch her clit make sure you do it lightly. Kiss the insides of her inner thighs first.

Then tease her clitoris with the tip of your tongue. Tease and retreat. Tease and retreat. Make her arch her pelvis to reach you. When she’s coming off the bed about two feet then you really know she’s close.

4th Technique. Rock her world!

After she has her first clitoris orgasm, then slide your finger in on her g-spot and stroke her with a “come here” action. Now, add your tongue to the mix. Coordinate both so that she has combo climax.

Usually, she will be tender on her clitoris so you have to stroke the g-spot until she is about ready there and then add the light clitoris touching.

This combination will be like lightning to her body! This four-step approach may literally set off female ejaculations and even residual orgasms (where she has a wonderful orgasm the next day without touch).

Source by Rachel LaDue

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