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Oral Sex – Everything You Need to Know

In the past, oral sex was somewhat taboo and given a negative connotation. But thanks to popular media like TV and Hollywood, oral sex has become a popular thing. And it's no surprise either that oral sex benefits the whole sexual intercourse experience altogether.

We, humans, are very primal and animalistic in nature. And there is just something about the mouth that is extremely sexy and erotic when it comes to sex. For men, the thought and act of women giving them felatio is an extremely erotic experience, because it makes men feel like they have complete control of the woman. Going down on a man is probably the ultimate act of submission for any woman.

While this may not be the case for women, women still love to receive oral sex from men. Because the vagina and sexual organs of a woman has many times more erogenous zones than men do, the tongue, mouth and oral intercourse in general can create extremely new erotic sensations women otherwise would not have felt.

Some oral sex tips for men 'going down' women is to make wise use of the lips and tongue. To satisfy your partner's sexual desires, you have to know how to use it. One great way is to make sure you start with the inner thighs and go down to the vagina area by licking the labia area and then moving up and down the clitoris. The clitoris is the small bump above the vagina area. If you can not visualize it right now, it is always better to have a picture or visual representation of the vagina area of ​​a woman by Google-ing it.

With a sustained licking action on the clitoris and vagina section, you can even insert your tongue into the vagina and lick the insides. One thing to remember is to never bite or suck too hard in this area because it is extremely sensitive and you do not want to end up hurting your partner. If you're tired of making circular motions with your tongue, you can do random motors or my personal secret is to write the letters of the alphabet using the tongue. This can make any women go wild as they do not know where your tongue will be next.

Some oral sex tips for women giving oral sex to men is to be gentle on the penis at first then increase the speed as you progress. Also, together sucking and licking the penis it is advisable to go beyond the penis and to the testicles. The men's erogenous zone lie just under the testicles and this area is where men can experience maximum pleasure during oral sex.

Try these tips and see if they work well for you as they have done for so many others. These oral sex tips aim to enhance your sensations during sexual intervention. These could also provide you with the necessary information leading to the optimal experience of pleasure in bed. Two vital tools these oral sex tips aim for you to discover are the lips and tongue and their capacity to provide pleasure both ways. Enhance your oral skills and give your partner the best sex each one has ever had!

Source by Ben Daniel Evans

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