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Online Lingerie Party

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Online Lingerie Party?

VenCouture offers online parties. It’s fun, easy and a great way to buy Lingerie or beachwear you like at a discount.

# As a host you invite your friends to shop online at vencouture within the dates you select for your online party. Your friends receive 10% off their order.

# Once the party is closed, your friend’s sales in products, (before tax and shipping) is totalled and you receive 10% of their sales as hostess gift! If your party total exceeds RM500 you will also receive any 1 item for 35% off*!

Interested? Here is how to get started hosting your own online lingerie party:

1. Email us [[email protected]] your name and the date you would like your party to run. All parties can run for up to three days. We will send you an email invitation that you can email to your friends which includes your party’s personal promo code valid only for the days of your party.

2. Your friends come to make their purchases and at the checkout they enter the promo code to receive their 10% discount. At the close of your party you will be emailed about the total sales from the party and what you earned as a hostess. (It will be set up as gift coupon.)

3. Lastly, come to to purchase what you would like and use the gift coupon towards your order payment. It’s that easy! All orders will be shipped directly to the customers. Email us at [email protected] today to get started!

* 35% off item must be an in stock product and is off the regular price (exclude sale items)

**taxes and shipping costs do not count towards product sales.

NOTE: orders placed by the hostess are not included in the party totals. Regardless of total sales there must be a minimum of 3 customers to be considered a party. VenCouture reserves the rights to change hostess offers and conditions. However this does not apply to parties that have already been booked.

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