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Men find Women in Pajamas Sexiest than Lingerie and Sleeping with Nothing

According to, Men find Women in Pajamas Sexiest than Lingerie and Sleeping with Nothing! Men find women in pajamas sexier than both those who wear lingerie to bed and those who wear nothing at all, according to a survey. 37% of men prefer women in pajamas, while 32% prefer lingerie. Women’s least preferred sleeping style for men is in a football shirt. Women are more likely to adapt sleeping style to suit partner’s preference.

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Some 37 per cent of men polled about nighttime wardrobe choices said a full set of pajamas was the sexiest thing their girlfriend or wife could wear in bed, 55 per cent of those who picked pajamas explained their reasoning by saying full PJ sets looked ‘cute’ on women in the bedroom, and 21 per cent found the modesty of pajamas attractive.

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Sexy lingerie did come second in the poll, with 32 per cent of men quizzed by memory foam mattress company Ergoflex saying they preferred something skimpy on a lady. Just 27 per cent said negligee or a nightie was the best choice, while 22 per cent said nothing was sexier than seeing a women sleeping in borrowed man’s clothing, be it pyjamas or a T-shirt.

And only 16 per cent of men said they liked their woman sleeping in nothing at all.

A total of 1,912 men and women aged 18 and over subsequently took part in the poll, answering questions relating to bed wear.


  1. Full PJ set (37%)
  2. Lingerie (32%)
  3. Negligee/nightie (27%)
  4. Men’s clothing (22%)
  5. Nothing (16%)

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Jed MacEwan, Managing Director of Ergoflex UK, said Comfort should be paramount when it comes to bed wear, as what you wear can seriously affect the quality of the night’s sleep you get.

Temperature, movement restrictions or an uncomfortable fit can all have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep, causing you to toss and turn as your body struggles to find an adequate comfort level.

Temperature in particular is vital, as the body needs to be able to cool to a certain point before sleep can take place, and it’s also vital you’re not too hot or cold during the night.

It’s therefore more important than you might think to choose your bed wear wisely. Choosing a good-quality set of pajamas made from natural material like cotton is a great way to ensure the optimum temperature for great sleep.

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