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Making Love Tips For Mind Altering Climaxes

Let's face the facts, most men do not know the best making love tips for mind altering climaxes. In fact the largest complaint that I here from women is that they can not climax having regular vaginal intercourse. Now most men will take charge to this and take it personal as if they are doing something wrong. But I am here to tell you guys, it's not you, it's just your knowledge.

The scientific fact is that while a guy is on top of a girl plunging in and out, he is not stimulating the one thing that makes a girl climax, and that is the clitoris. Especially for some girls who nature has posed her clitoris a little higher than others, therefore during sex the clitoris is not even being touched. No clitoral stimulation, no climax, it's as simple as that.

Making love tips for mind altering climaxes is 75% mental and 25% physical, so the first thing that guy's need to do is start the sex in their partners brain, and this means by exciting her sexually in a mental way. Hold your girls kiss passionately, set the mood in the bedroom with candles or romantic music. Maybe your girl likes to get a bit kinky and watch some porn movies to heat things up before sex. Another great thing is to masturbate in front of each other to get things warmed up, we all have voyeuristic sides, and this can be a great fire starter.

The most important thing is to take things slow, start with some hot oil massages, kiss some sensitive areas on her body, gently brush up against erogenous zones, but do not spend time there at first, you want to build things up slowly.

I find that the suggestion of role playing will also add new dimensions to your love making sessions. Some different roles that I can think of, off the top of my head is repairman / housewife, when the lady answers the door in sexy lingerie and starts flirting with the repairman, things can get wild from there.

Headmaster / student, the student got caught cheating on a final test and is about to be expelled, how can the student convince the headmaster otherwise? Use your imagination and have fun with this one.

Stranger / Princess, the stranger has snuck into the castle when everyone is asleep. The stranger waits for the right time to pounce on the defenseless princess, the princess will resist at first but then give in to her desires.

I can go on and on about role playing, but I think that will give you some ideas of your own. The main point is to keep sex fun and most importantly different. Routines are not allowed in the bedroom.

Source by Charlene Cassing

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