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The Most Luxurious Lingerie in the World
The Most Luxurious Lingerie in the World? Did you know that the globaI lingerie industry is worth $30 billion? Or that on average a woman will wear six different bra sizes in her life time? Our infographic provides you with a whole bunch of interesting facts and also outlines some of the most luxurious lingerie on the planet – ranging from $10 million for a bra to $223 for a pair of luxury briefs!

Sheer Luxury Lingerie is a leading online lingerie boutique in UK, offering a range of luxury silk lingerie. If you are looking for designer lingerie, we offer luxury of the highest quality from the following inspirational British independent design houses: Ayten Gasson, Beaujais, Beautiful Bottoms, Belle et BonBon, Bordelle, Ell & Cee, Fleur of England, Fred & Ginger, Gilda & Pearl, Lascivious, Made by Niki and Nichole de Carle.

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