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Lingerie Materials That Feel So Good To The Touch

More than any other clothing it is crucial that the fabric for lingerie be soft and smooth to the touch. Not only does the woman wearing the lingerie want it to look as good as it feels but if she has bought an item to wear for her significant other she wants it to feel good to him as well. By their very nature lingerie garments are worn on the most delicate and sensitive parts of the body and no one wants a fabric that is rough on those areas. With technological advancements in manufacturing fabrics the choices you have are more diverse than ever and are also softer than ever.

One of the favorite choices in fabrics for lingerie is silk. Silk has some unique properties in that it is first cool and then becomes warm with body heat. Silk will never irritate your sensitive areas and it is probably the most comfortable material possible for lingerie. Silk is much more expensive than some other choices but it is well worth the expense when you consider how good it feels on your skin. This fabric is also available in a diverse assortment of styles and colors that are sure to please anyone. Silk is also one of the most long lasting of all fabrics.

Another great choice in fabrics is satin. Like silk, satin feels great on your skin and to the touch. The major difference between silk and satin is that unlike silk which has a matte finish satin is more shiny. Satin is one of the most popular fabrics for lingerie and it is not nearly as costly as silk so this makes it more affordable to the masses. Like silk, satin feels very smooth and comfortable on your skin and will not irritate your sensitive areas. It also doesn’t hold moisture and will keep you dry and prevent chafing. Satin is available in an incredible array of colors and styles and is perhaps the most popular material on the market for lingerie.

One of the relatively newer fabrics that has become available through technological advances is the synthetic category. Synthetics use a combination of rayon, latex, and cotton to create a comfortable and affordable fabric. These combinations allow you to have the see through look and at the same time avoid the roughness of lace. Synthetic blends feel really soft on your skin and make you feel wonderful. These garments are an excellent choice for everyday wear under work clothes. They give you the best blend overall to allow you to feel sexy and at the same time be comfortable.

If you are a man buying lingerie for your lady, remember that you are buying it for her not you. If you are unfamiliar with what she likes takes a sneak peak in her lingerie drawer!

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