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Lingerie Glossary

Lingerie Glossary.

The world of lingerie is exciting and quite very diverse. There are different types of lingerie, some functional and others simply for beauty. Each of these types of lingerie provides a different purpose according to your requirements. Understanding the types of lingerie and their purpose will certainly make your lingerie shopping more effective, especially given the fact that these tiny garments can cost a hefty sum for you. We are providing below a lingerie glossary for your convenience.

Adjustable Straps -Adjustable straps can be fitted to strapless bras for a comfortable fit. These straps come in varying shades of colors. You can also purchase see-through straps if you are wearing garments with tiny straps, alter neck designs or bustier style tops as the bra strap will be visible.
Babydoll lingerie is short and sexy and come with matching panties in designs as g strings or thongs. These “nightgowns” emphasize the size of your bust, minimize your waist and add length to your legs, and surly make your derriere look sexy and curvy. Babydoll nightgowns end just where you upper thighs begin and are cut low on top to accentuate the bust. These are often trimmed with bows, flowers and ribbons and lace. They come in chiffon, silk, lace and sheer net fabrics.

The bikini is worn as a two-piece swimsuit. It is very similar to a woman’s panty and bra. The upper part of the bikini covers the breasts and the lower part covers the groin area. Some bikini bottoms either cover the full bottom or only half. Some do not cover the buttocks at all as with a G-string bikini. Bikinis are worn mainly during the summer for tanning.

Body Stocking
This is a one-piece garment that covers your entire body as with a pair of leg stockings. They are usually long-sleeved and are similar to a cat-suit. These are made with similar material as leg stockings only more durable and thicker. Body stockings come in fishnet, fencenet, spiderweb, and opaque and crotchet material. These are mainly worn as erotic clothing and do not provide you any support. They are merely a fashion statement worn to entice the opposite sex in the bedroom!

If you want a full figure with a drop-dead sexy shape, you should wear a bodysuit. This, unlike the body stocking is not a fashion statement and is worn for support and to show-off an hour-glass figure. Most of the body is covered by these bodysuits. Bodysuits are ideal for office wear as they do not come off your skirt or trouser waist. They are comfortable and if you purchase a flesh-colored one, you can wear it with just about any outfit.

A bra is worn for supporting the breasts. Bras come in various shapes and designs and provide a fashion statement, as well as, support. A bra can be a full-cup bra, half-cup bra, demi or shelf bra, push-up bra or underwire bra and many more.

This is a bra that extends to the waist for support and sex appeal. Similar to a corset, the bustier gives you an hour-glass figure that will be envied by other women and certainly get appreciative glances from the opposite sex. You can wear a bustier as outwear or wear it under a shirt or dress. The bustier can be with lace in the back or front or can have hooks & eyes.

This too is a short lingerie top that ends at the waist. Camisoles come in a variety of material ranging from mesh to lace to silk to leather. They are extremely sexy and can be worn as outerwear depending on the cleavage. Camisoles look extremely sexy and provocative when worn under a blouse with a “peak” at the neckline. Camisoles are often accompanied with a G-string or layered chiffon hot pants called tap pants.

A chemise is similar to a babydoll dress although this is fitter and sometimes, can be as long as a maxi-dress. Everything else about the chemise is similar to the babydoll dress. It comes with marabou, ribbons, lace and bows, in silk, chiffon, lace and nylon.

A corset is fitting, boned lingerie that gives you an hour-glass figure. This pushes your breasts out and up and your waist in and hips out. Corsets are strapless and can be worn with ball-gowns and other dresses to give you that perfect figure.

If you do not wish to show your panty line in tight clothing, you should wear a G-string. This is also known as a V-string. This panty covers only your front area and leaves your buttocks open.

These are sheer garments in fishnet, nylon or silk, worn to cove the feet and legs. Hosiery gives your legs a smooth, unblemished look. Hosiery is often worn with skirts and dresses. However, hosiery is extremely sexy when worn with lingerie garments.

A teddy resembles a one-piece swimsuit. Teddies come in leather, lace, silk, nylon and even vinyl. Teddies are extremely sexy and can be an immediate turn-on for any man.

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