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Lingerie and the Art of Seduction

Communicate and lingerie

Many people consider seduction to be an attitude or behaviour to display one’s sensuality to the opposite or same sex. Seduction is truly an art, if done incorrectly it can have disastrous results (not death, just not getting what you had hoped for in bed perhaps)! The reason that I distinctively say that seduction is an art is because it requires most people stepping outside their normal comfort levels by taking the step forward to attract and charm someone they desire. Now let’s make it absolutely clear that seduction is NOT manipulation. Men sometimes misbelieve that the two are interrelated and go to extremes to “seduce” a women in the hopes of getting lucky, when in fact he is going down the road of manipulation and enticement.

The essence of seduction is to romance, to be passionate and to love. Many of our relationships today are starved of romance, whether it is with a new lover, a long term boyfriend or a husband of 10 years. We all want to be romanced and swept off our feet, and we all respond to seduction.

History is embedded with examples of seduction, both good and bad. In the bible, Eve was depicted as a seductress as she offered the forbidden apple to Adam; there were the Sirens who lured sailors with their enchanting songs; and the more famous examples of James Bond who has the ability to seduce any woman with his good looks and charm.

So how does a modern individual romance and seduce their loved ones? The answer is simpler than you expect. It’s to communicate! Remember the good old days of dating when you stayed awake till the wee hours of the mornings talking to your boyfriend or girl friend? Remember the bond and the urge you always had to see him/ her. Well bring communicate back to the bedroom and outside the bedroom. Take every opportunity you can get to try and communicate with them. Bring back dinner dates when you put away your phones and ipads and take it as a chance to rekindle the love and romance.

As a woman, I find my husband more appealing when I have had a great dinner date with him. It’s usually nothing too fancy or expensive. Just a great night out full of laughter and fun. When you feel better connected to your partner, you find them more sexually appealing.

Once you bring back the emotional connection and passion, then take it up a step and indulge in gorgeous lingerie. There are many styles and types available for every woman and even if it’s your first time wearing lingerie, you will find an amazing sense of self confidence. Most women usually still feel a little hesitant, however once they see the look of lust in their partners eyes, then they find a heightened sense of self confidence. It’s like they say “if only looks could kill… “

Try out these two suggestions today to bring back the spark in your relationship. Remember seduction is an art, not something sleazy. Be passionate. Be a true romantic and become the seductress you were always meant to become!

Source by Kay Dolenec

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