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Is 6 Inches Enough To Satisfy A Woman? Maybe Some Women, But You Need To Be Larger To Be Sure!

Is 6 inches enough to satisfy a woman? Just like men and their penis sizes, women’s vaginas come in different shapes and sizes, so the amount of penis needed to satisfy a woman varies from woman to woman. For some women, 6 inches is okay… but not for all.

Why wouldn’t 6 inches be enough? For two reasons. If you are having sex with a woman whose vagina is deeper and “roomier” than average, 6 inches won’t be enough to reach the depth needed to give her a hard, vaginal orgasm, and you also may have trouble putting enough friction on the G-spot or stimulating her clitoris by thrusting. Contrary to popular belief, a woman’s height does not correlate strongly with the depth of her vagina. A 5’3″ woman could require a 7-8 inch penis to be satisfied, while some 5’11” women will do just fine with a 6 inch member.

The other reason 6 inches might not be enough is visual perception. 6 inches is a full standard deviation under the male average of 6.5 inches, meaning if you’re 6 inches, 84% of men are as large or larger than you. When you sleep with a woman and you are smaller than 8 out of 10 of her past partners, she may perceive you as being less of a man, and it may be harder for her to get aroused with you.

So what can I do? I didn’t waste my time with pills or pumps. I researched natural penis enlargement exercises and took action with them. I used a program that suited my own needs and goals, I was diligent with it, and I used it daily. I went from 5.5 inches to VERY well hung and I started seeing gains within two weeks!

Source by Sebastian Royal

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