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Intimate Clothing – Staying Out of Trouble Picking Out Lingerie For Your Lady

Many men struggle with the idea of picking out lingerie for their woman. Yeah, they like the idea of their woman wearing lingerie and they even like the idea of being able to select it. The only thing they do not like is that they are pressured to find something their significant other, as well as themselves, would like. Sometimes there is good reason for this concern.

Picking out lingerie can either be a quick process or a drawn out one. Many men turn to the internet to buy lingerie because not only can they research the different styles, they also have a lot of styles to choose from. This is often what is recommended; especially for your first time.

Many men are concerned most with the size. This is by far the hardest thing to determine. In general, lingerie is very stretchy and fits a wide variety of sizes. If your woman is larger, there is also plus size lingerie. Make sure to check the size charts on each brand to make sure you are getting the right fit.

You will notice that many lingerie pieces come in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, S/M, M/L, L/XL. The single sizes are very straight forward and usually encompass a smaller size range. The lingerie labeled S/M, for example, encompasses the sizes Small and Medium. This means a woman that is small or medium size could fit in this piece. These are often some of the best solutions when you are not quite sure of your woman’s size but have a general idea.

Attempt to get a Bustier or Corset only if you are familiar with her bra size. Even then, you will want to go up a size. You are advised to go up a size because these lingerie pieces are often cut smaller or very exact. They are also adjustable. For example, if you get a Corset that is slightly bigger, you will be able to make it smaller with the ties that are available. If you get it too small, you are out of luck (and she is going to be pissed and you made her feel FAT!). Corsets can be drawn in as tight or left as loose as you want them to be.

If you are looking to get a baby doll lingerie piece, make sure you understand how your woman feels about her thighs. This is mentioned because babydolls come in a wide variety of lengths. If she is not comfortable with her thighs, you will want to get a longer baby doll. If she is a shorter woman, you will want to get her a shorter baby doll. By doing so, you are automatically elongating her legs in appearance.

Body stockings are one of the most brazen of the bunch. They are typically see- through with little room to hide anything. They often times come in fishnet and are considered to be ultimate sexy. Be sure to only get an item like this if you know that she is very comfortable with her body, as they have almost full exposure.

With this little bit of information, you will be on your way to finding that perfect little piece for your woman. She will greatly appreciate your efforts!

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