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IMPORTANT – 2 Sex Positions to Give Her Amazing Orgasms Using the G-Spot

To give your woman the most amazing orgasm just by using her g-spot is quite simple. If you have been thinking that it is rocket-science then you have to come back to planet earth. All you need to know are two important positions that will stimulate her g-spot easily and give her amazing orgasms. Read on to find out how best you can do it.

Position 1

To stimulate your woman’s g-spot you will have to penetrate her really deep. To do that you will need a position that will allow and strengthen such deep penetrations. The old-school missionary style is the best position if you are looking at deep penetrations and stimulating her g-spot. This position would also enable you to control your orgasm and stimulate her g-spot for a long time that she would have multiple orgasms just from this position.

Position 2

The next pest position would be a reverse missionary style where you can make your woman lie face down with a pillow under her. Ensure that this pillow is quite firm. Now you will have to penetrate her from behind. In this position your penis will hit her g-spot without out constrictions many times and theby bringing her to many amazing orgasms.

These positions are tried and tested and has been brought to you after tremendous success. Remember that your woman will have multiple orgasms if you last longer. So while choosing these two positions for you I did not just look at you stimulating your woman’s g-spot, but ensuring that you stimulate it longer by lasting longer. With these two positions you will give her amazing orgasms using the g-spot.

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