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How You Can Lose Weight to Fit Into Sexy Lingerie

It can be a nightmare when you and your boyfriend or husband go shopping and you walk past your favorite lingerie shop and you see a sexy lingerie you wish you could buy and wear for your sexy night encounters with your partner but you can’t because you are overweight.

I know from experience. My girlfriend was in the same situation once. I would say to her “look at that sexy lingerie shall i buy it?” and she would say “i can’t fit into that sexy lingerie because i am fat”. This got her down a lot.

So i made up my mind to solve her problem by geting her a weight loss diet system. So i went searching on Google and searched for a program. Eventually i found one and we both studied and implemented the program.

I needed to lose a few pounds myself so we both made a commitment to follow the program. This is how we lost ten pounds each and how my girlfriend could finally lose weight to fit into sexy lingerie.

Here is the plan:

Get To Bed Early.

We started going to bed early so that we could get eight hours sleep every night. We also had sex every night prior to falling asleep. The sex burn’t extra calories every night and the eight hours sleep helped burn even more fat.

Workout On An Empty Stomach

As we went to bed early we naturally woke up early full of energy due to the full eight hours sleep. Then we started our exercise program. Three times a week we did body weight training whereby we only used our body weight as resistance. Examples of exercises we would incorporate would be press ups, sit ups or crunches, jump squats etc. We would take it in turns to do the reps.

For cardio we would jog over to a park nearby where we lived and do 100 meter sprints with slow jogging recovery in between. We did the cardio three times a week as well. We rested on sundays.

Always eat breakfast.

After we finished our workout my girlfriend and i would shower together and then have breakfast. Hmmm, breakfast is my favorite. we would have boiled or scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, skim milk and green tea, cereal, and fruit. I can tell you it was delicious.

Eat Every three hours.

After breakfast we would wait three hours then have a snack consisting of protein and complex carbs, and every three hours after that until it was time to go to bed.

Go For A Walk After The Last Meal Of The Day.

For most people supper is the last meal of the day. Me and my girl normally eat ours around eight pm. Then when most people settle down in front of the television or sit in front of the computer we go for a walk. Yes we stroll hand in hand down the street for a thirty minute walk everyday. This helps burn even more fat before we go to bed.

So as you can see this is how my girlfriend was able to lose weight to fit into sexy lingerie in no time.

Source by C R Akomas

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