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How to Seduce Any Woman With Oral Sex – Blow Her Mind With Leg Shaking Orgasms!

Pleasuring a woman takes more time than facilitating a man. Some guys make the mistake of offering oral sex before the woman is ready. It takes a lot more than just saying you're a master at pleasuring women to get her in the mood. Similarly, once you have the opportunity to perform, you have to continue seducing her in order to get her to have an amazing orgasm.

Tip 1 – Using Foreplay

Just because your fully aroused and ready to move quickly, does not mean she is. Again, a woman takes a longer time to get in the mood than men do. Always use your hands to stimulate every part of her body. Slowly caress her neck, breasts, stomach, and thighs.

Tip 2 – Always Tease

No matter how many times you pleasure a woman, always tease her. Even if you do so for 30 seconds each time. Teasing a woman opens her up for more sensations. The more sensitive she is to your touch, the more she will feel you during oral sex.

Tip 3 – Getting Down to Business

When its time to actually perform oral sex, start by teasing the clitoris. Circle around it like your a vulture landing it's pray. After a few minutes of this you can actually start fondling the clitoris with your tongue and even your fingers. Then, use your tongue to quickly run vertically and horizontally across the clitoris. After just a few minutes of this and some finger penetration, she should have an earth shattering orgasm in no time.

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