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How to Put On a Plus Size Lingerie

How to Put On a Plus Size Lingerie? Lingerie generally speaking and are assumed to be the worst nightmare of the plus sized woman. In fact, any woman who has worries about their body. But, in the right pair of pants and that perfect bra, it doesn’t matter what you thought before, you will feel sky high, even if they are hidden under the rest of your clothes.

Today, with the availability of the plus sizing in almost everything we wear, the ladies have relieved to quite an extent. And with the recent boom in online shopping, ladies and girls now have ample choices in style, fabrics and colors.

While plus size lingerie may be confined to select retail stores, those are easily available online. You can jump in from one online store to other within no time, if you don’t find an appropriate size.

Like in apparels, the plus size inner wears also run from size Large to 6 times Extra Large. The size although differs from brand to brand and style, the above mentioned range is the standard sizing to be easily found online these days. While some brands list these items as extra small, small, medium, large and extra large, other brands level them in numbers as well.

The plus size usually ranges 1-X to 6-X although some go even larger. For women as opposed to teenagers, the label goes bit higher and are labeled, say 16W, which indicates it’s for women and not for misses.

It is quite necessary to pick the accurate size when purchasing plus size lingerie, as such items are more often than being a wearable product, which is just impossible to be be returned. If you are not sure of your size then you can measure your hips, thighs, and bust or you can even consult with a plus size lingerie retailer.

With the growing demand of online shopping, lingerie has now become a hot-selling product, as women from conservative areas, who are shy in walking up to a lingerie store, can comfortably purchase right from their desk. Some online stores are now also seen giving return and exchange facility for better convenience of the consumers.

Wearing lingerie is a great way to feel sexy at any size. A plus sized woman, consider yourself lucky! lingerie looks especially sexy on women with curves! Like any kind of apparel you try on, you’ll find that some varieties of lingerie are more flattering on your figure than others.

Here’s a list of some of the best lingerie styles for plus sizes.

1) Order online.
The easiest way to find plus size lingerie is to shop over the Internet. Online retailers include VenCouture Malaysia Plus Size Lingerie.

2) Find your size.
Use your measurements to determine the size that you will order. On average, many plus size lingerie pieces will come in XL to as large as 6XL.

3) Adequate bust.
Most plus size lingerie pieces will draw attention to the plus size woman’s robust breasts. Make sure that the lingerie offers you adequate support as well.

4) Pick simple and sexy prints.
Avoid the plus size lingerie that comes in floral prints. Instead opt for sexier designs, such as leopard and black lace.

5) Corset
Wearing a corset is one of the best ways to show off your curves. Corsets give a boost to your cleavage and smooth everything else out. The best part about the corset is that it provides sex appeal without showing too much skin. Wear one with a cute pair of panties and you have a look that is sure to please.

6) Baby Doll
Baby dolls tend to have empire waists which is a silhouette where the waist is set higher and tends to fall right under the bust. What results is a cute and sexy dress appropriate for the bedroom. Like the corset, baby dolls are a standard–and very popular–form of lingerie.

7) Chemise
A more modest version of the baby doll, a chemise, is another popular kind of lingerie that is standard in any lingerie store. Chemises are great when you want something that is toned down and less over-the-top, as they tend to be more demure and innocent.

8) Camisole and Pantie Set
When you want to keep it simple, but sexy, the camisole and pantie set is one of your best options. Wearing a set is a nice alternative to sleepwear that’s a bit more casual, as the comfort level is virtually the same.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding what types of lingerie that you can and can’t wear for your body type. The types listed above just tend to be the most flattering on plus size figures. When it comes down to it, you should wear what makes you feel most comfortable.

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