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How To Perform Oral Sex On A Woman

Guys, the first rule in giving the best oral sex to your partner is get rid of the beard. We did not spend a fortune on a sensitive wax for you to give us stubble rash! It's like having sand paper rubbed against the most sensitive parts of our body – not good!

Right, now that the basic rule is out of the way, here's the secret of cunnilingus: Listen to your partners body . Once you can understand what her body is saying then you can develop your technique. It is usually much easier to make a woman come by oral sex than by penetration. And an orgasm caused by oral sex tend to be much more intense.

In today society women know what they want from men. They have been through the sexual revolution and wont stand for anything sub standard. She is woman, listen to her! For example if she's grinding into you then your doing it right. If she's lying there stiff try something else. You may be able to tell by her breathing, for example if she's getting breathless keep going she's nearly there.

If she's actually sleeping keep reading this article. One night with 4 of my friends and a few bottles of wine we discussed how men get it wrong. After our comparisons of many nights we reached the conclusion that they could all get it right with a little tuning. Julia spoke about one night with her ex boyfriend where he was licking her out but it was like a slurpy, slippy kiss on her vagina. He was all over the place and the fact that he was keeping her all wet meant there was no gentle friction building up to help her climax. She kept still thinking that he would pick up the vibes and change his technique. In the end she got so frustrated that she pushed him off, washed herself off with a tissue and went to sleep.

So now you understand the importance of listening. It's very important because each woman is different, you have to be willing to fine tune your game to match what turns your lover on.

Now lets get on to the techniques.

The first technique is licking. You can use the tip of your tongue or the back. Personally I think the back is best as it is the roughest. It is also the lessons and can build up the sensations. The best way I think is slow long licks in different directions, to start with. A fun game that incorporates this is the alphabet game. This is where you write the alphabet with your tongue on her clit or to jazz it up a bit you could write dirty words and she could try to guess. Although I doubt she'll be able to concentrate on what your doing and too busy busy enjoying it.

Then, gently move on to sucking the clit and the folds of skin. If your unsure about how hard to suck think when your kissing a bottom lip and how you gently suck it. You can always try for a bit harder if your partner likes it rough. Whilst your working the clit you could always try entering a finger inside of her just to keep her turned on.

My favorite move is where my partner puts his tongue on my clit and shakes his head. This is the best move for me personally and I think if you try it you could have your partner coming within seconds!

Its best to alternate your techniques instead of doing the same thing over and over. You could also try to stick your tongue inside her vagina half way through which changes the stimulation from external to internal.

Your tongue does not have to be the only thing involved when giving oral sex. You could put strawberry syrup on her clit. This can improve the technique and if you are trying to passionately get her clean this can intensify her arousal. You can also play the hold and cold game. Before touching her drink a cup of hot water and lick her and then quickly without her noticing drink something cold and lick her again. The alternating temperatures will really keep her on her toes.

I find the best way to build up to the greatest orgasm is to take it slow and tease. Kiss her thighs, her bum and her tum. Start off deliberately ignoring her pussy until she can not take it anymore !!

The key is to experiment as every girl is different. Try different directions, paces, parts of the tongue and even food stuffs. It's important to remember that you should adjust to what turns her on. If something is not working, try something else!

Source by Candie Zimmer

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