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How to Master the G-spot! Here is How You Can Make Any Girl Blast Into an Orgasm Within Seconds

Mastering the g spot is like getting the password to Aladdin’s cave as many riches lay on the other side.

Here are some vital tips that will enable you to guide your girl towards innumerable bed-breaking orgasms even as you scout around for a stronger bed.

Get her relaxed. Your first move would be to get your girl in a relaxed mood. You can treat her to a romantic movie and dinner followed by a lazy walk on the beach or promenade. This will evoke warm, fuzzy feelings within your girl that can quickly be converted into seduction.

Caress, hug and kiss your girl. Do not attempt to find the g spot without arousing your girl. You should caress, hug and kiss your girl so as to get her fully aroused. French kissing along with heavy fondling should get both of you sexually aroused and ready for the night ahead.

Use oral sex to open the private door to orgasmic heaven. Your girl can perform oral sex on you so as to get you in the mood and you too can follow suit. Put your lips and tongue to full use as you provide a moist massage to her vaginal lips.

Stimulate her clitoris before proceeding deeper. Even before you locate her g spot, make it a point to stimulate her clitoris so as to lead her to a mind-boggling orgasm. Use your tongue and fingers to stimulate her clitoris even as her g spot starts to expand with sexual excitement.

Use foreplay to help her achieve a g spot orgasm. After her clitoris, it would be time to seek and massage her g spot located deeper within her vagina. Insert two curved fingers inside her vagina until you feel a rough mound on the upper wall before firmly massaging it. A loud moan along with a breath-taking gasp will ensure success.

Use your g spot seeking penis to continue. You can also use sexual positions that will allow your penis to seek and massage her g spot to continue to maintain the sexual mood. Just a few firm and deep thrusts will be rewarded with high pitched screams that end with huge orgasms.

Do not ignore other organs in your bid to stimulate her g spot. Make sure that you caress and fondle her breasts, buttocks, hips and thighs even as you attack her g spot with full gusto. This will convert her entire body into one satisfied mound of trembling jelly and she will surely become a slave to your masterful moves.

Source by Rahul Talwar

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