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How to Have Longer Sex Easily and Effectively

When it comes to sexual intimacy, you want sex to last as long as possible. Learning how to have longer sex is vital for men, as women take much longer to achieve orgasm. Men can achieve ejaculation much quicker, and if you don’t learn restraint techniques for how to have longer sex, then you can create an embarrassing situation where your partner is left unsatisfied.

Here’s how to remedy this situation and learn how to have longer sex easily and effectively:

  1. Practice Makes Perfect. The problem with quick ejaculation is the lack of practice that many men have with lasting longer. Think about it. When men masturbate, it is usually a very quick experience. We are so used to the “quick ejaculation” that when it comes time to have actual sex, we end up not lasting long enough for our partners to be satisfied. The way to remedy this, is to practice long lasting masturbation sessions. When you feel ejaculation coming on during masturbation, stop, pause and rest. Only continue when you are ready, then again practice the pause and rest restraint tactic. Over time you will have successfully trained yourself to last much longer than usual.
  2. The PC Muscle. The PC muscle is located between the testicles and anus. It is the muscle responsible for urination control and many men identify it by ceasing their urination mid stream. You can literally feel the muscle at work. This is the same muscle responsible for ejaculation control. If you learn to control this muscle, then you learn how to control and hold your ejaculation in. You basically want to practice flexing this muscle for a number of reps to make it stronger.
  3. A Premature Ejaculation Guide. This is a great one stop solution for permanently curing premature ejaculation. You can find and download these online, and start getting results right away. Guides are great because they provide every option for curing PE as quickly as possible. If you are serious about becoming a better lover and avoiding these embarrassing situations for good, then a guide is a good commitment to make.

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