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How to Give a Woman the Most Intense Oral Sex – Powerful Techniques to Send Her Into Pure Bliss

There are big differences in the way that you go down on a woman and bring her to climax. There are the times when it feels good and she might climax or she might not. There are the times when she climaxes but you get the sense that it just wasn’t electrifying for her. You are done giving her mediocre pleasure and you are ready to up the ante and to make it really special for her.

You want to learn how to give a woman the most intense oral sex of her life. You want to give her pleasure so amazing that she can’t help but become overcome by satisfaction and melt. You need to learn some powerful techniques to send her into pure bliss with your tongue tonight.

The first powerful technique is to tease her gently with your tongue. You don’t want to get into it right away with her because her body won’t be able to handle it. A woman’s body is very sensitive, especially the clitoris. You can’t give it to her all at once. You need to gradually pick up the pace. However, teasing her with your tongue is something that is encouraged. Before you really start getting into it, breathe on her down there and let her feel the warmth of your mouth. Gently flick your tongue against her and do it occasionally. This will build up the tension in her body and make her want it all from you.

When you want to give her the most intense oral sex of her life, here is what you need to do. Not only will you use your tongue on her, but you will use your entire mouth. Your lips offer her stimulation that your tongue can’t give. By giving her more than your tongue, you give her pleasure that she never even thought was imaginable.

Here are some mouth and tongue techniques to help you:

-Spell out the ABC’s with your tongue
-Kiss her down there passionately
-Make figure 8’s on her clitoris with your tongue
-Flick your tongue against her
-Use your mouth to suck on her

In addition to using your mouth, you can do even more than that and also use your fingers. Stimulating her g-spot on top of pleasing her orally, will easily send her over the edge and cause her to feel pleasure that is simply out of this world. You can move your fingers inside of her to simulate sex or you can take a different approach and move your fingers in circles. No matter what you choose, just give her that touch because her body is going to be craving it and it will help to bring her to climax.

If you are ready to give your woman the most intense oral sex of her life, then use these powerful techniques to make it happen and to make her feel pure bliss.

Source by Hugh Benson

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