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How to Find Her G-Spot to Increase Sexual Pleasure

It is said that the G-spot is the focal point of a woman sexual pleasure that can lead her to the heights of intension pleasure. G-spot stimulation can take many women to orgasm more easily and powerfully. Many males wisely find the G-spot and effect work on it, which gives their female partner all the joy of the act that she so strict look for. Find her G-spot and increase her pleasure during the intimate moments in bed. Once you are able to do it, she will never leave you for anyone else.

The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina. G-spot stimulation can lead women to intestinal orgasm, sometimes more that clitoral stimulation. Once you are able to find the exact location and ways to stimulate the G-spot, you will be the king on the bed. For better results, you have to develop better understanding and earn her confidence so that she should 'surrender' herself to you in bed.

Once you are able to find the G-spot and the results of its stimulation, use it as a key to drive her crazy and experience optimum pleasure. To avail these benefits, you have to engage her in adequate foreplay. A long and tactful foreplay can make her fully aroused and every erotic move can take her to new heights of pleasure. You can start the foreplay with a sensual massage. Work on her entire body while carefully avoiding her 'sex points' like breasts, nipples, vagina, etc. If she enjoys kissing and licking of some areas, do that. When you feel she is properly aroused, start working on her most sensitive points including her clitoris. If you work properly, by this time you can definitely notice how eagerly she wants you in.

Do not enter yet. Attain a position comfortable for both of you. Do some more erotic tricks. You can insert one finger, palm up, about a couple of inches into her vagina, slightly crook it as you are signaling a 'come here' motion. Your finger will be touching a spot insider her that will be slightly different to feel. Work on this spot with 'come here' motion; start gently and then increase the pressure slowly. You will feel the G-spot becoming larger. Many women find this stimulation enough to have an orgasm. Well, in any case, she will be more than ready to take you in and cooperate completely. Your every thrust will bring her more joyful moments.

Find her G-spot and increase her pleasure is the key to offer her all what she needs in bed.

The response of G-spot stimulation may vary from woman to woman but it is a sure shot area. Once you know her reactions, you can also try different G-spot stimulation techniques.

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