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How to Choose a Robe Set for Newly Weds

How to Choose a Robe Set for Newly Weds? A set of matching robes is a traditional gift to offer newly-weds after the wedding , but they can be difficult to shop for. Robes make an excellent gift because they are practical, comfortable, and easy to personalise. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when shopping for robes, especially when purchasing a matching set, but most buyers easily find the right set with a few tips.

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Sizing is the most important issue when purchasing robes, especially if you do not necessarily know the clothing size of the owners. As a general rule, larger is better than smaller, since many people prefer oversized robes. However, since you find the majority of robes sold with a small through XXL sizing system, it is usually easy to guess where on the scale each person falls. It is important to purchase the correct size for each partner. Some robes are one size fits all, although the fit usually is not as good as a standard size.

Material is another important consideration because it affects how and when owners wear the matching robes. Many people get married in the warmer months, so summer robes are most appropriate. These are often made of silk, polyester, cotton, fleece, terracotta, and some synthetic fibres. Silk and imitation silk robes are luxurious but only useful for summer wear. Basic bathrobes should be some type of cotton weave for comfort and water absorption. Winter robes are great in flannel, wool, and other warm materials. Choose a specific material based on budget and what you think the newly-weds most appreciate.

Normally, colour is a personal consideration that buyers choose based on what they want, but for gifts, it is somewhat more difficult. If the robe set is matching then it is important to avoid feminine colours or styles. Instead, consider looking at the wedding registry to see what colour the newly-weds have requested towels in. Alternatively, if you know the couple very well, choose a colour that they both like. In case you cannot find either of these, most people almost always appreciate basic white bathrobes. Alternately, it may be a good idea to purchase a dressing gown for her and a smoking robe for him.

Sometimes it is a good idea to personalise the dressing gowns for the couple. Usually there is a variety of robes available with slogans like “His” and “Hers”, or “Just Married”, but there are also embroidery services which allow buyers to create customised bathrobes for the couple. Great options in this case include “Mr. Name” and “Mrs. Name” or even just their first names. Personalisation is slightly more expensive and does take longer to finish, so it is not a good option if the wedding is coming up shortly, or if the couple is leaving on a honeymoon shortly after. However, it does make the gifts more special.

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