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How to Blow Her Mind – With Killer Oral Sex Tactics of Real Men

Not all men are into oral sex, which might explain the high percentage of women who cannot climax at all during foreplay and sex. If you're one of the men who hesitate before diving in, here are some tips for you …

Blow Her Mind During Oral Sex – 3 Tips For a Great Performance

Tip 1: Don't Rush

The sensation of being fondled by a guy's lips is what increases sexual tension in a girl during foreplay. Rushing the whole process kills her excitement and makes her wish that it's over soon so she can sleep. It's particularly important to linger on a sensitive spot so she can feel your breath on her skin.

Tip 2: Look at Her

Seeing how you're having fun kissing her there will make a girl feel special. Look at her while you're giving oral sex to increase your sexual connection and to push her over the brink of climax. Make eye contact while you're moving your lips and be particularly naughty when she looks right back at you. Being kissed there is an awesome experience for her, and showing her that you appreciate every part of her will make her feel loved.

Tip 3: Be Unpredictable

A few minutes of being tongued can get boring. Purse your lips and land a wet one on her sensitive spot every once in a while. Smack your lips and make ooh-ing sounds. The fact that she doesn't know what's coming next will make sex exciting for her. Go at it diagonally, or use your fingers to complement your mouth's movements.

You have got to understand that women expect oral sex from you, the way you would expect her to blow you during foreplay. This is one of the keys to making your woman climax. In fact, some women only climax during this stage of the love making process.

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