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How To Become The Ultimate Sex Machine – Give Her Multiple Orgasms Within Minutes

Do you know the true art of getting it on in bed? Do you know what it takes to satisfy a woman in bed? Your performance in bed is basically judged by how many times you make her orgasm and how long you can last in bed. You see what women actually need is a true sex machine which can go on forever and satisfies all their desires in bed. Read on to discover some of the most incredible ways on how to become the ultimate sex magnet and make her scream with pleasure.

Warm it up- The very first step towards being the ultimate sex machine is to know than women take longer than men to get turned on therefore you need to spend most of your time on foreplay and oral sex in order to turn her on and arouse her. You can always start with gentle on her neck as that’s the most sensual part of her body and moving on to different things as she starts to get aroused.

Simulate her vagina- The very next step is to give her some oral vaginal stimulation which would cut your work by fifty percent when you get into intercourse with her. You see when you stimulate her vagina before intercourse she gets stimulated enough to orgasm early which would make it real easy for you to make her orgasm during intercourse thereby cutting your work short by half.

Be a real machine- You have to act like a machine in order to be like a true sex machine. You need to master the art of lasting longer in bed and provide her constant stimulation. Most men tend to orgasm before the woman and leave the woman in the midst of what could have been a great orgasm. Therefore in order to last longer in bed it’s always recommended that you masturbate several times before having sex so that you do not orgasm immediately when you get into intercourse.

Source by Pushpa Pal Singh

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