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Have Her Scream Your Name – Awesome Sex Tips to Give Her Multiple Orgasms!

Giving women multiple orgasms is a very difficult thing for most men to do, they foolishly believe that it will require large amounts of effort and time on their part. The truth of the matter is that it is not as hard as you may think to give your lover a multiple orgasm. That is why in this article of the 'Have Her Scream Your Name' series of articles I am going to be telling you how you can give your lover multiple orgasms every time you have sex with her.

Make Her Anticipate the Orgasm – Keep her worked up and excited. When you can tell that she is close to an orgasm pull back so she does not quite go over the edge of climax. In doing this when you finally do send her over the edge she will easily have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm all you need to do is keep going to make sure that she climaxes repeatedly.

Hit Her G-spot – This is the main spot you should aim for hitting when trying to give your lover multiple orgasms. The g-spot is located on the inside wall of the vagina about 3 inches along. The best way for you to hit it would be to penetrate your lover with your penis in the doggy style position, given that you have a long enough penis to stimulate it.

Change Things Around – Try new things until you find something that she really likes, you never know what she might like until you test it out. You might find that she is a closet exhibitionist or that she enjoys the use of sex toys during sex!

Source by Marcus Howardson

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