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Guide to Buying a Flirty and Comfortable Babydoll

Guide to Buying a Flirty and Comfortable Babydoll. The babydoll is a term used to refer to two different types of clothing. It can be a flirty piece of lingerie or a short dress for day wear. In both, the silhouette is the same: tent-like and hemmed above the knee. Traditionally, the babydoll style of garment was reserved for dresses for infants and young children, although it is now commonly worn by adult women as well. Choosing a babydoll for lingerie or as a dress requires some knowledge of the styles and fits that are available as well as some tips on how to pull off this stylish, sometimes sexy, sometimes serious, look and be comfortable doing so.

The Babydoll as Lingerie
As a piece of lingerie, the babydoll has a bra type top with a loose fitting body. Sometimes, the body is open in the front. It can be sleeveless or have straps.

The babydoll as lingerie bears a strong resemblance to the lace-trimmed short bedjackets and bedcapes of the 1930s and 1940s. However, the term, “babydoll” as a piece of sexy lingerie was made famous by a 1956 movie entitled, “Baby Doll,” where the lead character, a 19-year-old nymphet, wore short, sexy dresses to enhance her sex appeal. It was after this that the style began to be worn by adults as nightwear. Babydolls from the 1950s to the early 1980s are now sought-after collectible vintage apparel, and several can be found on VenCouture. Today, babydolls are characterized as their own class of nightwear in lingerie departments and are very popular for bridal lingerie due to their affordable cost and variety of designs.

When referring to this style of nightwear, it is known to be erotic and emphasize sex appeal. Because of the length of babydolls, they expose the woman’s legs. In fact, the garment’s loose fitting skirt falls between the upper thigh and belly button. Because of this short length, the babydoll is often sold with matching panties since the gown itself is short enough that underwear can be seen if worn.

Furthermore, some styles also expose or emphasize the breasts. Sometimes, the top has formed cups called a bralette, which enhances cleavage.

The babydoll can vary greatly in style from being a bit modest to being risque. They can be trimmed with lace, sequins, ruffles, fur, ribbons, or embroidery. Babydolls are normally made from lightweight, sheer fabrics such as chiffon, nylon, silk, linen, and organic cotton.

The babydoll should fit relatively tight across the bosom. Many babydolls come with adjustable bands, similar to a bra, so that the fit can be more customized. The bodice of the garment should blouse out and create a flattering drape. The front of the babydoll can be open to reveal more skin, but if wearers want a more modest nightie, many are available without exposing the stomach area.

The Babydoll as a Dress
Babydoll dresses are similar in style to babydoll lingerie. Dresses boast a form-fitting top, empire waist, and a flowing bodice; however, they are suitable for daytime or even formal wear.

The babydoll dress of today resembles gowns from the Renaissance and Regency eras that had low necklines and high waists. These dresses also boasted padded bosoms that highlighted the bustline. The dresses were considered a fresh, youthful style separate from the stuffy dresses that had been popular for years.

More recently, babydoll dresses were worn in the 1950s as empire-waisted dress styles made a comeback among women who wanted to wear more carefree, younger dresses than the conservative styles worn by their mothers and grandmothers. This style remained popular throughout the 1960s, featuring a high boat neck and the clean, straight lines of a shift dress. In the 1970s, the dresses were fashioned to match the trends of the time period as well with bohemian styling and hippie-inspired designs. During the 1980s, the babydoll dress faded out of the fashion scene but reappeared during the 1990s grunge fashion movement. Revitalizing this fashion trend was Courtney Love of the grunge band, Hole, whose trademark attire was a highly decorated babydoll dress.

Like the babydoll nightie, the babydoll dress also has a fitted bust, high empire waist, and loose A-line skirt. It is a comfortable, modest dress that is easy for women of all shapes to wear. Usually, babydoll dresses will fall anywhere between just above the knee, to several inches below the knee. However, the hemline for the babydoll dress typically stops above the calf. The bodice of the dress can be loose or tight and looks nice worn with or without a belt. Although the babydoll dress can be worn year-round, it is most popular during the spring and summer months because of the drapey, cool flow of the skirt.

The shape of the babydoll dress has also inspired cocktail wear, and a popular style of this is a strapless or spaghetti strap bodice, bow-tie belt, and shiny or glittery fabric for the skirt.

The babydoll dress flatters many body types. However, the wrong fabric or misplaced gathers at the stomach can, unfortunately, create an undesirable, chubby look. Additionally, the hemline is also an important consideration. On shorter or petite women, the hem should be above the knee in order to minimize a visual “cutting” of the body; however, taller women can wear a longer length with ease.

How to Wear a Babydoll Dress
Often, babydoll dresses are marketed to the under-forty age group because of its youthful cut. However, because of the ability of the babydoll dress to hide figure flaws with its forgiving silhouette, designers do use darker shades and heavier fabrics to appeal to older women as well. There are several ways to wear a babydoll dress to create a unique, fun outfit.

* Leggings: Pair the dress with long leggings to create a more mature appearance. Leggings under the dress can detract from the too-young look of the babydoll dress.
* Longer Length: Leave the shorter babydoll dresses to children. As an adult, choose one that just skims the knee for a more suitable style.
* Footwear: Pairing the babydoll dress with high heels creates a sweet, stylish, and sexy outfit that is perfect for a dinner party or date night. Pairing the babydoll dress with leggings and high boots can create a casual, comfortable look or a sophisticated style, depending on the fabric.
* Jeans: Wear skinny jeans with a babydoll dress and create a casual outfit that is relaxed but still feminine.
* Accessories: Choose accessories to compliment the babydoll dress. Thick, chunky jewelry or thin, delicate pieces can be added to accessorize any desired style. And, for reasonable prices, scarves can also be paired with both muted and bold colors to achieve a variety of looks.

Babydoll dresses can be fun to wear and look good on almost any figure.

How to Buy a Babydoll or Babydoll Dress on VenCouture
A large selection of babydolls can be found on VenCouture. Since VenCouture boasts competitive pricing and many opportunities for free shipping, the site is a wise option for buyers who want an extensive and convenient shopping experience. Finding clothing and accessories on VenCouture is easy.

First, go to the category labeled Lingerie. From this, you will choose Babydoll. Next, you can choose from a large variety of clothing types. If you are searching for a babydoll as lingerie, type Babydoll in the search box. You will then be given a huge selection of babydoll negligees, ranging from sweet to sexy to scandalous. Instead, if you are searching for a babydoll dress, type Babydoll in the search box. Although you will still see some nighties, your list of choices now includes dresses that are appropriate for daytime wear. Additionally, you will also see a list of categories to help you narrow your search.

Because there are so many options, it is wise to limit your search by size or price range, if known. You may also consider choosing the price or size you are looking for in the left side below menu. By being very specific, your choices are quickly narrowed down and the site is easy to navigate. Other options include searching by seller or specified buying formats, including auction only or buy it now. You may also want to limit your search to only looking at those sellers who offer discounted or free shipping.

The babydoll has been a popular women’s style, especially since the 1960s, and implants its influence into fashion with each decade’s trendy styles. Whether selecting a babydoll for lingerie or as a dress for a casual or formal outfit, buyers should know information about the styles that are available in order to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, buyers should also be aware of the many ways to wear babydoll dresses so that they can achieve a variety of looks. When they are ready to choose a babydoll to add to a wardrobe, women will want to check out VenCouture for its large selection of affordable clothing and accessories.

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