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Guide & Shopping Tips for Buying Sexy Lingerie

Guide & Shopping Tips for Buying Sexy Intimate Lingerie. Choosing lingerie can be confusing at times. So here are some tips from MLD that may help!

If you have small breast choose something that will show off your bottom or legs to distract from your breast. For example: Lingerie with feathers, lace, ruffles, or some trim around the bra area or non sheer type bra tops with some sort of detail.

If you are petite/thin with smaller breast, try wearing body jewelry.
For example: a belly chain , to show off the waistline, try an ankle bracelet or lacy anklet sock to show off your legs. A lacy garter belt and some stockings also bring the eyes to the area of your body that you feel more comfortable with. The key is to emphasize your best assets!

If your breast are larger, lingerie with underwire or halter styles can help lift and enhance. Spandex and Lycra stretch type materials can help adjust and minimize your breast and give you a more subtle smooth look.

If you have a large bottom or hips, and you have larger breast, go ahead and show them off! A long gown with a sheer top would be great for this! But may we suggest avoiding tight fitted waist styles, maybe go for for the more straight lined cut.

The belly area is probably the most frustrating part of a woman’s body and the hardest to camouflage. Keep styles loose fitting in the waist area. Have fun and use some jewelry to accent your most flattering areas. For instance, anklets socks for the legs, chokers and necklaces for your neck and/or some long and flattering earings. You can wear fancier bras, and panties to bring eyes to the areas your more comfortable with. Try a waist cincher, They hide the belly and flatter the waist line.

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If you are a shorter person, long gowns with slits in the leg area will help give you a taller look, or short baby doll styles can also make your legs show more. Stay away from any horizontal prints.

Taller women may that find styles that are vertically striped or cut are very flattering. Tops or skirts that tie around the waist look fantastic.

After you found that perfect Lingerie item you purchase, here’s a tip!
Does your partner have a favorite candy? Like butterscotch, peppermints, chocolate, whatever he really likes. Leave them on his pillow, in his pocket, or on his desk!
Seducing your lover with a can’t-refuse undergarment, adds spice, fun, sensuality, and excitement to your love life, definitely turning the heat up a notch or two. For best results, surprise him with a style you don’t usually wear. Add a pair of heels, even jewelry, for a complete erotic package.

Thanks for reading our guide to buying lingerie. We hope that it was helpful.

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