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Guide How To Buy Her Lingerie as Gift

Lingerie can be the gift that keeps on giving, if you know what to buy (not every lady can pull off the full-body mesh jumpsuit, dudes). Here is a quick and easy guide to picking the perfect lacy little present for your lady, whether it’s for a special evening or just to replace her go-to sweats.

Pick For Her Personality
Your lady’s personality is important to keep in mind when shopping for lingerie. Her current lingerie collection can give you a good idea of what type of style she likes to rock in the bedroom, but don’t be afraid to push the boundaries a little bit. Hint: if her current lingerie collection is a Snuggie and bunny slippers, maybe don’t start with the Crotchless Mesh Body Stocking. The good news is that you can get away with a lot just by telling her how good she’ll look and how excited you are to see her in it. It’s far more important to get the right size and shape.

Pick The Right Size
If you’ve ever gone swimming suit shopping with your lady, you know how much ladies can fuss over every imperfection, whether real or imagined. The same goes for lingerie. Ladies want to feel sexy, seductive, and desirable in their bedroom wear; lingerie that is too tight will almost certainly put the brakes on any sexy time. A quick way to get her sizes is to check her bras and panties. While some lingerie comes in S-M-L sizes, some styles, particularly those with an underwire-based contraption up top, are fitted and will require you to know her bust size.

Pick For Her Body Type
Few things in life reflect man’s need for variety better than the lingerie options available anywhere from Kmart to Agent Provocateur. A simple way to narrow down the options is to figure out what type of lingerie will suit your lady’s body the best.

Guide How To Buy Her Lingerie as Gift. There are a few basic body types:
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# Pear:
Narrow up top, wider down below (think Kristin Davis or Jennifer Love Hewitt). Separates are the way to go, since she’s almost definitely a different size up top than on the bottom. If she’s self-conscious about her lower half (tip: if her bathing suit has a skirt of any kind) then focus on styles with more coverage on the lower half. Nighties with a natural waist (at the belly button) or empire (just below the breasts) are perfect for this body type because they will skim over a heavier lower-half and emphasize the thinner upper-half.

# Slender:
Thin all over, small breasts and narrow hips (think Kate Bosworth or Natalie Portman). This body type generally looks good in most styles, but some are better than others. Ruffles can make her feel girlier and sexier, while a demi-cup will make the most of a small chest.

# Hourglass:
Large breasts, narrow waist, large hips (think Kim Kardashian). You are a lucky SOB. Pretty much everything will work on this body type. One thing to be on the lookout for is support up top–styles with underwire are perfect. Corsets and bustiers work particularly well on this body type because they emphasize the narrow waist while pushing up and supporting the girls.

# Apple:
Top-heavy; broad shoulders, larger breasts, often a thicker, rounder middle section, and narrow hips and thighs (think Drew Barrymore when she’s not dieting). The babydoll style is generally the best for this body type, as it will show off her arms, legs, and chest while helping hide her midsection. Stay away from anything with a natural waist and aim for styles with an empire waist, as empire waist garments will flatter a thicker midsection.

Hopefully, armed with these tips, you will find the perfect ensemble to add a little more spice to your nights. Do you have other tips or any questions? I’d love to hear them!

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