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Female Orgasm Secrets – 7 Orgasm Secrets No Man Should Dare to Miss at All

What is it that makes a woman writhe with pleasure and scream with joy? Well, orgasm of course! You can make her climax by using your hands, tongue etc., but some of the best orgasms are said to happen during sexual intercourse.

Here are some of the female orgasm secrets you need to know to get your girl to climax.

1. Set the mood: The female is very particular about her surroundings so make sure the ambience is right! Flowers, candles, some wine and music will definitely make her mellow and willing.

2. Undress your girl slowly and sensually. Let her know how sexy and beautiful she is, and how you appreciate her sexy lingerie.

3. Allow her to undress you. Make sure that you are wearing sexy underwear too. This will get her excited.

4. Make sure you kiss and caress her body. Slow foreplay using your fingers, tongue and mouth as well as whispered comments on how much you want her will build up her excitement for you.

5. Proper oral sex techniques will give your partner mind blowing orgasms.

6. It is a common belief that a thick member will be able to provide a greater stimulation on the vaginal wall and thus allow the woman to have a great orgasm. If you are average, don't worry you can exercise your penis to make it thicker!

7. Keeping your erection and having a long and satisfying penetration will ensure your partner's orgasms.

Use the above to make sure your girl achieves her orgasms. The greatest secret is not to move too fast, but to slow it down! Allow your girl to enjoy the sensual and sexy sensations. Focus on her clitoris and G spot – the two most important spots on the female body that are designed for pleasure.

Slow and sensual massages can help your partner to get really relaxed and turned on. Sensual lower back strokes can actually lead to a climax. If you learn the above techniques you can be sure that your girl will truly be satisfied.

Source by Rahul Talwar

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